IAA Full License Adviser in Chandigarh

Why Need a Full License Adviser in Chandigarh To Move to New Zealand?

If you are coming to New Zealand, then chances are there you may need  someone who is expert and know what to do and when to do.  That person is generally called a licensed immigration adviser.  You must always apply through a licensed adviser who can tell you precisely what you are going to do and how much will it cost.   You can have peace of mind and confidence that they will give you correct immigration advice.  After processing, a licensed immigration adviser in Chandigarh will give you back your passport and other related documents promptly.

When you are looking for a fully licensed immigration adviser in Chandigarh, then there are three things that you need to take care of.   Every licensed adviser displays their license over a wall which has Advisers Authority’s Trademark.  You may also ask to see the wallet ID card, which should have a photo of the adviser on it.  The third crucial thing to pay attention to is the licensed immigration adviser’s code of conduct.  Your adviser should also give you a copy of the code of conduct to take home with you.  You have the right to ask your immigration adviser all these things. If he does not, then he is just not worth your time and effort.

The job of the licensed immigration professionals is to make immigration process run smoothly for you. There are many times when immigration process does not go smoothly.  One of the main reasons could be the adviser’s fault.  You can complain to the immigration Advisers Authority, if you think your adviser has not done things according to the code of conduct or has failed to do the things that he should.

Types of Immigration Adviser License 

There are three broad immigration adviser license types. Those are mentioned herein below:-

  • Full- An immigration adviser who is full licensed can provide you with advice on all immigration matters.
  • Provisional– An immigration adviser who is provisional licensed can provide you with advice on a full range of matters, but needs to be supervised by a licensed adviser
  • Limited- An immigration adviser who is limited licensed can advise you on certain immigration matters.

West Highlander- IAA Full License Adviser in Chandigarh

West Highlander Pvt Ltd is a group of immigration consultants based in Chandigarh providing services to students aspiring to study overseas. We provide proper guidance and counselling to the students aiming to study abroad regarding the education system, universities, colleges, admission and visa processing of the country that you are planning to go for. Our Director Mrs Parwinder Kaur is a full Licensed Immigration Adviser certified by IAA-Immigration Advisers Authority (New Zealand Govt.) License no. 201002008.