Character requirements of Immigration New Zealand to apply for dependent visa as a partner

To be granted any New Zealand visa you need to satisfy the Character requirements of Immigration New Zealand. You must meet the character instructions in order to be granted New Zealand spouse visa as dependent of a student visa/ work visa holder or as a partner of a New Zealand resident or a citizen.

If you have in any of your visa application to New Zealand provided false information or misled INZ you are considered as not meeting the character requirements and must have character waiver approved before being granted a visa. It is a serious offence to provide false or misleading information with your New Zealand dependent visa application.

If you have got character concerns with your application you need to request a character waiver from INZ before being granted any New Zealand visa.

As per Immigration New Zealand following are few of the character issues which require a character waiver

  • Have ever been convicted of an offence against immigration, citizenship or passport laws in any country
  • Have ever made or provided false or misleading information, or withheld material information when applying for a New Zealand visa, or when supporting another person’s New Zealand visa application
  • Have ever been convicted of an offence for which you have been imprisoned
  • Have ever been convicted of an offence in New Zealand for which the court had the power to imprison you for three months or longer
  • Are under investigation, wanted for questioning, or have been charged with an offence which, if you are convicted, has a term of imprisonment of 12 months or longer.

If any of the above issues applies to you, you do not meet the good character requirements. In your dependent partner visa application you must provide full explanation of any of the above issues which may apply to you along with supporting verifiable evidence of the explanation.

Factors an Immigration officer considers while deciding character waiver applications.

  • The significance of the false or misleading information
  • The significance of any material information withheld
  • Whether the applicant is able to provide credible and reasonable explanation that while providing misleading information or withholding material information the applicant did not intend to deceive Immigration New Zealand.
  • Any compelling reasons and circumstances to travel to New Zealand.

Character issues are very serious and need to be addressed very minutely. Your licensed Immigration Adviser needs to have in-depth discussions with you regarding how the issue came up and what was your intention behind giving the particular information. The Immigration officer must be convinced that your intention behind providing false information was not to mislead INZ for your character waiver  for New Zealand dependent visa application to be successful.

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