Colleges accepting PTE in Canada

Canada offers lots of benefits to international students who choose it as their Study abroad destination. Students get to study in a country which is home to hundreds of international students.

This blog covers

  • Study in Canada benefits for international students
  • Requirements to apply for Canada study visa
  • English language requirements for study in Canada
  • English language requirement for study in Canada
  • Is PTE accepted for Canada study visa?
  • PTE accepted colleges in Canada
  • PTE score requirement for Canada student visa
  • Success rate of Canada study visa with PTE

Study in Canada benefits for international students

Below are few of the benefits international students may avail

  • Opportunity to study and live in an advanced economy
  • International students get to choose a course from range of options available
  • Option to study in a University, Public community college or a private college
  • Part time work opportunity while study on Canada
  • SDS scheme for faster processing of Canada student visa
  • Post Graduation work permit after successfully completing the course on Canada study visa
  • Settlement options after completion of the program

Requirements of Canada study visa

In order to apply for your study in Canada visa application international students need to fulfil certain requirements. These requirements are as below

  • Having an unconditional acceptance letter in a program of study from a designated learning institute that is DLI in Canada
  • Admission in a course which is a logical progression of your current academic and work experience profile.
  • Having sufficient language ability to successfully complete your course of study in Canada
  • Having sufficient funds for your tuition fee and cost of living in Canada
  • Having the health examination for your student visa to Canada

English language requirement for study in Canada

As English is one of the official languages of Canada international students need to provide evidence that they have sufficient level of English to successfully complete their study program in Canada. They can do this by providing an acceptable English language test with their application. IELTS and PTE are 2 tests which the students from India provide in support of their Canada study visa application. These two tests are popular among Indian students wishing to study in Canada

Is PTE accepted for Canada study visa?

This is a very common query among students. The good news is that PTE is accepted for Canada study visa. Students can get admission in a college or a university based on their PTE score. After getting letter of acceptance and fulfilling all document requirements the students may apply for their Canada student visa based on their PTE score. Your consultant can guide about the PTE requirements for your chosen course. The best study in Canada consultant would have the experience and skills to guide you in depth about the course options available suiting your current academic profile and any work experience you may hold. The top Canada study visa consultant would also have the knowledge about the universities and colleges offering the course you wish to pursue and shortlist the education provider based on your preferences.

PTE accepted colleges in Canada

International students are also interested to know about PTE accepted colleges in Canada. In Canada there are lots of options of colleges and universities which accept PTE test as a proof of English language ability of international students for their study in Canada. Few of the PTE accepted colleges in Canada are

  • Cape Breton University- CBU
  • Yorkville University
  • University of Canada West- UCW
  • Trent University
  • Nipissing University
  • University of Waterloo
  • Coast Mountain College
  • Eton College
  • Acadia University
  • Trebas College
  • Lasalle College
  • Seneca College
  • Humber College
  • Sheridan College
  • Conestoga College
  • Niagara College
  • Alberta College of Art and Design
  • Athabasca University
  • Bow Valley College
  • Concordia University
  • College of Alberta
  • Lakeland College
  • Lethbridge College
  • MacEwan University
  • Medicine Hat College
  • Mount Royal University

PTE score requirement for Canada student visa

In Canada there are various course options for students. The Pte score requirements would depend on the course the students wish to pursue.

If you are a 12th pass students looking forward to purse a course in Canada then you may choose to do a Diploma, an advanced Diploma, an associate degree, a Bachelors degree or a DEC program in Quebec.

If you are a graduate looking forward to study in Canada then you may choose to do Graduate Diploma, Fast Track diploma, Post graduate diploma, Post graduate certificate or a Masters course.

The PTE score requirements for all these course in Canada is different

For admission into Diplomas, advanced diplomas, associate degrees, DEC and AEC programs for Study in Canada 2022 the PTE score requirement is Minimum PTE score of overall 54. This may be higher for some colleges and courses. Students are highly encouraged to check with the college or university they wish to study for the exact PTE score requirement .There is requirement of a Minimum PTE score of 58 for admission into Bachelors degree in Canada. For some courses it may be high.

To study Graduate certificates international students need to have minimum PTE score of 60

The requirement to get admission in to post graduate diplomas is PTE overall 58 with no communicative score less than 50

The requirement for entry into a Masters program is overall 58 with no communicative score less than 50

Success rate of Canada study visa with PTE

The success rate of Canada study visa with PTE is good. Subject to fulfilling all other requirements the students may be assured that applying for your Canada student visa PTE has good success chances.  Having a good PTE score based on which you full fill the direct admission requirements of the study program would have positive impact on your application. Students must also keep in mind that the PTE score must be good enough as desired for the success of your application.

The success rate of the application does not solely depend on the English language ability of the applicant.  There are other factors influencing the success rate of Canada study visa with PTE like choosing a relevant course, having enough funds for your tuition fees and cost of living.

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