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Common Questions Asked in New Zealand Embassy for Spouse Visa

Spouse interviews are a stressful event.  India has got the highest number of spouse rejection cases.  Almost 1 out of 5 marriages are declared fraudulent and their visas are rejected.  Since the paperwork of the spousal sponsorship is fairly straightforward, but the applicants really need to be prepared for the interview in order to be granted a visa.   When you appear for a spouse visa, visa officer generally look for compatibility between the couple.  This means perfectly genuine couple is going to attract great scrutiny.

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The compatibility of the spouse is judged on several factors such as age of the couple, education, marital status, language, religion and social background.  Below, we are going to share several questions that are commonly asked in New Zealand embassy for spouse visa.

How did you meet your sponsor?

Start answering this question by stating where you met your sponsor.  Explain location or incident where you interacted with each other for the first time. You can list some of the places where you dated or explain the meeting procedure (in case it is arranged marriage).  The aim of asking this question is to know the authenticity of your relationship and how accurately you remember the things related to your relationship.

Who was present at your marriage?

 Tell about all the members who were present at your marriage. Talk about your close friends, relatives no matter far or close who attended the marriage. You can also mention about the reception you had, where you had and who all attended the reception.

Where did you get married?

Talk about the place where you got married.  It can be a resort, hotel or some private location.  You can also talk about the preparations you made for your marriage.

Describe the ceremony?

Describe what kind of ceremony you have had.  Depending upon your religion and tradition, you can describe the type of wedding you had. Whether it was a church wedding, temple wedding or typical gurudwara wedding.  You can also mention several wedding rituals you performed at the time of wedding.

How many people attended your marriage?

You do not need to tell the exact number of guests who attended your marriage, but can give a rough estimate about the guests. You can mention some of your close friends and relatives and give a rough estimate about the number of guests who attended your wedding.

When did your sponsor immigrate to New Zealand?

Tell the purpose and the time when your sponsor immigrated to New Zealand.  You can talk about why did he/she migrated to New Zealand.

Have you or your spouse been married before?

Tell if this is your first marriage or you have married before. You can also talk about the kids you had from your previous marriage.  If visa officer inquires you about the reason of separation, you can tell why you ended your previous relationship.