Common Questions you might have about GTE for study in Australia

Question 1:     What is GTE statement for Australia Student visa?
The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement is an integrity measure to ensure that applicants are using the student visa program to gain a quality education. This personal statement helps the case officer assess that your sole intention to go to Australia is to study. The success of your Study in Australia application largely depends on the GTE statement.
Question 2:    What does case officer check in GTE?
The case officer while assessing your Study in Australia application looks into various factors depicting your intention to go to Australia on student visa such as

  • Your circumstances in your home country and potential circumstances in Australia
  • Value of the course to your future
  • Your Immigration history
  • Your education and employment history
  • Your on-going ties to your home country

Question 3: What should I include in my GTE for the above mentioned points?
You may include the following in your GTE Statement supporting your Study in Australia application.

  • Previous study
  • Gap in previous study
  • Current employment
  • Ties in home country
  • Economic situation in home country

Question 4:  What should I include in the above points?
Following are the things you may include in your GTE Statement
Previous study
School, college/ university certificate. Mention any achievements in during your school and college. The qualification you have done and how the proposed course is consistent and relevant to your previous study.
Gap in previous study
Reasons why there is a gap in your studies including verifiable documentary evidence to support your claims
Current employment
If you are currently employed provide your experience documents showing your employer, employment address, company address, duration of employment, your position, job description, contact details for verification of employment
Ties to home country or country of residence
Provide along with your Study in Australia application evidence of financial, family and social ties. The case while assessing your GTE needs to determine that you have sufficient incentive incentives to return home country once you successfully complete your Study in Australia.
Economic situations in home country or country of residence
You also need to document your economic circumstances. These may include employment or business activities for 12 months before lodging an application any employment offer you may have after you complete your study.
Question 5: What are the other points I must take care of?
Include as much information as possible in your GTE statement is very crucial document supporting your Australia student visa application. So include as much information as you can in this to assist the case officer in making decision about your application.
Question 6:  How will West Highlander help me with my GTE personal statement?
The success of your Study in Australia application is very much dependent on your Personal GTE Statement. As a student visa applicant you must fulfil the GTE requirement to be granted a visa under visa subclass 500. As these are only guidelines the interpretation may sometimes be vague by the student.
We at West Highlander based in Chandigarh have expertise in preparing GTE Statements, which meet the requirements; using personal information provided by you .You will be assisted by qualified consultants with significant experience in Australia student visas to help with your application to Study in Australia. One of the key members of West Highlander Study Abroad is a MARA Agent registered with the office of MARA Australia and have got years of experience in handling Australia student visa applications.