Documents required for Canada study visa under SDS

SDS Stream that is the student direct stream is a Canada study visa category whereby the students may avail the benefit of faster processing of their application. Under SDS scheme there are certain requirements study in Canada applicants need to meet. The processing time of SDS applications is about 20 calendar days subject to meeting all the requirements and providing biometrics at the earliest.

There are certain conditions which the applicants must meet for their Canada Student visa application to be considered under Student direct stream that is SDS stream. To prove that they meet the conditions there are documents required for Canada study visa under SDS. This blog is about the conditions of SDS visa as well the documents by which the students can prove that they meet those conditions.

This blog covers

Conditions to be met for Canada study visa under SDS

Documents required for Canada study visa under SDS

Conditions to be met for Canada study visa under SDS

First condition

The first condition is that you must be a legal resident of the country listed in the list of SDS eligible country.  Some of the countries included in this list are

  • India
  • Costa Rica
  • Philippines
  • Senegal
  • China
  • Colombia

There are other countries also listed in the group of eligible countries for SDS processing of Canada student visa

Second Condition

The second condition to be eligible for Student direct stream is that the applicants must have a letter of acceptance to study a course at a post secondary DLI that is designated learning institute.

Third Condition

The third condition is to be outside of Canada when you apply for the visa. The applicants must live outside of Canada when they apply

Fourth Condition

The fourth condition for the Canada study visa application to be eligible for SDS processing is that the applicants must have paid for first year of their tuition fees.

Fifth condition

The fifth condition the applicants must fulfil for the application to be processed under SDS is that they must have a Guaranteed Income Certificate that is GIC of Canadian dollars ten thousand.

Sixth condition

The sixth condition is that you must have an IELTS band score of 6 in all of the four modules of listening, reading, speaking and writing. Other test acceptable under SDS processing of Canada study visa is Test d’évaluation de français (TEF). The score requirements of TEF are CLB score of 7 in each skill.

Seventh condition

Applicants must have medical exam before they apply. So this is the seventh condition of having upfront medical for your study in Canada application under SDS.

Eighth condition

If Quebec is your destination for study in Canada then you need to have Québec Acceptance Certificate that is CAQ

To prove that you meet the above SDS conditions there are certain documents required which are explained below

Documents required for Canada study visa under SDS

Your passport would prove that you are citizen of the country eligible for SDS processing. Here the applicants must note that despite being the citizen of the eligible country if you live in any other country you may not be eligible for SDS processing of your Canada Student visa

Documents required for Canada study visa under SDS second condition

The second condition can be proved by attaching a LOA that is letter of acceptance with your Canada study visa application. The letter of acceptance mentions the course you wish to do, the level of the course, any prepaid amount of tuition fees as well as the DLI number of the institution.

To prove that you are outside of Canada you may provide your current residential address

Documents required for Canada study visa third condition

As a proof that you have paid the full year of tuition fees the applicants may attach the fee receipt received from the college or university. Along with this they may also attach the proof of transferring their tuition fee to college like TT receipt.

Documents required for Canada study visa for other SDS conditions as above

  • To prove that you have met the condition of GIC you must attach a GIC certificate received from the bank in Canada. Applicants must take care that they get a GIC from a bank which meets the requirements for Student direct Stream.
  • Students may attach their IELTS score card with their study in Canada application to prove that they meet the English language ability condition under the SDS stream.
  • To meet the medical examination condition the students may attach the medical examination receipt received from the IRCC approved doctor
  • For applicants wishing study in Quebec must attach a CAQ letter received from the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration

Above are the documents which the students may require as a part of the application process. If you are an applicant from India then you do not need a Police Certificate for your study in Canada application.

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