Documents that must be included in your Study in Australia Visa application

Below is the complete checklist for your Study in Australia visa application. Ensure that you have following complete for the timely process of your Australia student visa application.
You need to have COE- Confirmation of Enrollment to file your student visa for Australia. In Australia without COE you won’t be able to file your Australia visa application. The COE mentions the amount you have paid as your tuition fees.
Overseas student health coverage is very important. It is compulsory for international students to have valid OSHC to file your Australia student visa application.
You need to attach your academics online in the Immi account with your Australia visa application.
You need to have a valid IELTS/ PTE score to support your visa application. The validity of this English language test is of 2 years. If your test report is more than 2 years old this won’t be accepted for your Study in Australia visa application.
Funds for first year of tuition fees / cost of living or Income Papers
As per the requirement of Department of Home Affairs Australia you need to have funds for first year of course and cost of living i.e. AUD 20290 or family income of AUD 60000 (for single applicant)
Travel expenses
The applicant must also have travel expenses of AUD 2000
GTE Statement
GTE is very important and the success of your Australia Student visa application largely depends on it. So prepare your GTE statement very carefully.
Immigration History
Declare any immigration history you may have. If you have ever applied for any visa / withdrawn your application or had your application refused.
Form 956
You need to attach form 956 which is a form having details of your agent. It is a declaration from your side that you have appointed an agent or an exempt person to receive communication about your student visa application.
Other documents and Information
Below are other documents and information you need to apply for your Study in Australia visa application.

  • Scanned copy of full current passport
  • Details of any previous passport
  • Family details
  • Medicals

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