Education New Zealand Recognised Agency (ENZRA) in Chandigarh

ENZRA is New Zealand’s government agency that works with New Zealand education industry, companies and organisations including PTEs, ITPs, and Universities, English language providers, schools and education services. It provides a training course to study abroad consultants or agents to educate them about prosperous education system of New Zealand, facilities, living and studying conditions, documentation and admission requirements so that these agents can facilitate international students who aspire to study in New Zealand.
Education New Zealand facilitates the universities and colleges of New Zealand by providing adequate ability to the study abroad consultants on how to effectively support international students. It performs every possible effort to enhance the learning experience of the international students. It informs educational institutions about the likely changes they can make in their social, cultural and economic behaviours to allure international students. It acts as a connecting link between international students, educational institutions and education facilitator agents.
There are very few agents who have Education New Zealand Training course certification. Ms. Parwinder Kaur, Director of West Highlander has undertaken the accredited training program of ENZ so as to facilitate study in New Zealand aspirants in a better way. She holds thorough knowledge of the New Zealand study visa requirements and provides apt advice to students. Other agents lack proper understanding of the visa process and therefore end up in providing students with visa refusal. West Highlander is an ENZRA member for assessment from 2016 till 2018.
Although, there is not a compulsion for study abroad consultants to pursue this training course but it improves the understanding of the New Zealand education scenario and brings clarity of thought which reflects in the service provided by the consultants. If you require any kind of information regarding study in New Zealand, please feel free to consult Ms. Parwinder Kaur (ENZ trained Education Agent). Contact no. 9915999677, 9915999766