Eligibility and Requirements for Canada Student Visa

Canada is a country with a huge international reputation not only for its natural beauty and political stability but also for its qualitative education. Unlike other developed countries, Canada provides for a more simplified procedure for international students aspiring to study in Canada. Canada is home to many top educational institutions and to attain education from there, international students are required to obtain a study permit for which there are proper guidelines, documentation procedure, and eligibility criteria to be followed.

  • First step is obtaining Offer Letter from the university or college (listed under DLI) you aim to study at. For this, you have to choose the course and university you want to study at and enroll yourself into the course through university website. If university finds your qualifications and academic achievements appropriate to its requirements, then it will issue an Offer Letter to you.
  • Valid Passport – The international students are required to have a valid passport to apply for the study permit to Canada. Also, the validity period of the passport should extend throughout your intended stay in Canada.
  • Proof of Funds – For visa application, the students are required to show adequate funds for tuition as well as living expense. For living expense, the students are required to obtain GIC of $10,000 for a year of expense. The funds should be fair enough to cover the return journey of the student to his home country.
  • 2 Photographs of passport size – There are two modes of application: Offline and Online. For offline application, students will need two recent photographs with white background and neutral facial expressions (no smiling face). For online application, digital copy of the same is required.
  • Medical Examination – Since Canada is a cold country, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) makes sure that you can survive and stay healthy in the environment of Canada. The international students are required to undergo medical examination from an empanelled doctor who will send the results of your test directly to the CIC. The process will require some time, so it’s beneficial to apply in advance.
  • Language requirement – Canada has two official languages – English and French. To study in Canada, students are required to earn proficiency in any of the two languages. English being an international language is a preferred option and hence a test namely IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc. is taken by students. Minimum score requirement is overall 6 bands in IELTS test.
  • Statement of Purpose – To study in Canada, this is a requirement for students to prepare a statement which specifies student’s purpose of study, course and institution choice, other reasons which have persuaded student to undertake study abroad. This statement adds weightage to the profile and should be self written by student.

These are the various requirements students are required to fulfill to attain study permit to Canada. These are the documents which student is required to prepare while visa filling process is generally carried out by authorized agents. If you are also planning to study in Canada or any other study abroad destination, seek expert help at West Highlander Career Consultancy. West Highlander is an authorized and licensed consultancy offering transparency in operation.