Eligibility of Australian student spouse visa subclass 500.

Eligibility of Australian student spouse visa subclass 500

Are you thinking of studying in Australia and have a spouse? There is certainly no need to worry about leaving them behind. Applicants of Australia student visa can apply for their spouse and they can accompany as Australia student spouse visa subclass 500. There are certain eligibility requirements of an Australian student spouse visa that would have to be satisfied.



 Basic requirements for Australian student spouse visa subclass 500

For applicants planning to apply as Australia student spouse or dependent visa needs to fulfill certain requirements:

  1. Identity proof is required (Valid passport).
  2. Proof of relationship with the applicant of study visa.
  3. Further, ensure that your relationship is 12 months old and both applicants are 18 years and older.
  4. Proof of main applicant of Australia study visa studying at the time of application. In case both main applicant and partner are applying at the same time then also acceptance documents from university would be required.
  5. Financial documents that you would be able to bear the cost of living in Australia easily have to be provided. Your Australia spouse visa consultant in Chandigarh, West Highlander can guide you correctly.
  6. Health insurance documents too need to be provided for the spouse and in case a dependent child is also accompanying then documents for them too.
  7. Character requirement document too needs to be provided. Further, as each case is different applicants would have to consult their Spouse visa consultants or Registered MARA agents in Chandigarh, West Highlander can provide you complete guidance.

It is appreciated in case a married student planning to apply for Australia spouse visa should provide complete and accurate information of their partner even at the time of applying for a study visa. In the case of a new family member then not much explanation is not required.

Applying for Australia student spouse visa subclass 500: Process

As an applicant for Australia student spouse visa the process is as following:

  1. Firstly, you need to fulfill the basic eligibility requirements of Australian student spouse visa subclass 500.
  2. Your Australia spouse visa consultant in Chandigarh would assist you to meet the eligibility requirements and fulfill the application form process.
  3. The next step would be to provide the identity document of a valid passport.
  4. A marriage certificate and passport copy have to be attached to the application for approval.
  5. Further, you would have to provide financial status documents of whether you can support yourself in Australia.
  6. Other than this the visa process also requires you to provide documents that the main applicant on the study visa is currently enrolled in Australia.
  7. Evidence of health insurance too needs to be provided and attached with the forms.

Benefits of Australia Student spouse visa subclass 500

  1. On a student dependent visa for Australian immigration, the spouse can work for any employer.
  2. 40 hours fortnightly working hours are allowed to the dependents.
  3. If the primary applicant for the study in Australia program is enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program then their spouse can choose to work any number of hours.
  4. Spouse Visa holder does not need any kind of job offer for Australia immigration and there are numerous job opportunities which they can avail in Australia.
  5. Spouse Visa holder gets a valuable experience of working in Australia while being close to family members.
  6. The time and validity of the dependent spouse visa are the same as the primary student visa applicant.
  7. Australia is a hub of quality education providers and therefore your dependent children can be well taken care of.


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