File your Visa Application correctly to Study in Canada

Canada is a dream destination for many Study-Abroad aspirants. It has got one of the best education systems. International Students landing to Study in Canada get to experience multi-diverse cultures of the world. But at times, the student visa application may get refused because of certain reasons.

One of the most common reasons for refusal of Study in Canada Visa Application is as below-

“I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in subsection 216(1) of the IRPR, based on the purpose of your visit.”

How can students who aspire to study in Canada address this point?

While assessing your Canada Student Visa Application, the Case Officer looks into the reason of your visit to Canada and he must be satisfied with your purpose of visit. Your purpose of visit is solely to Study in Canada. So your application must reflect your circumstances which prove that your only intention to visit Canada is to study.

Study in Canada aspirants must take care of the following points while applying for Canada Student Visa. These points must indicate that you are a genuine student.

  • Choose a relevant course which shows your study progression
  • Meet English language requirements
  • You must have enough finances to pay for your tuition fees and cost of living. You must have access to these finances for your expenses in Canada.
  • Attach a Letter of Explanation with your application to let the Case Officer know why you would like to go Canada to study.
  • Attach documentation which reflects your level of your establishment in your home country.
    We at West Highlander Study Abroad Consultancy take utmost care that we attach the documents which are relevant to your circumstances and which address all of the above points. We have been serving study in Canada aspirants since our inception in 2005 and have till date successfully helped hundreds of students who would like to study abroad. We have a team of experienced counsellors who suggest you programs relevant to your academic background. As explained above proper course selection is one of the very important criteria which influence your study in Canada Application. We have experienced and efficient admission and visa filing team to take care of admission and visa process.

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