Germany Job Seeker Visa interview questions

Germany Job Seeker Visa interview questions


Germany, with its well-built economy and aging population, is constantly looking for highly skilled and talented young individuals. The number of Indians applying for Germany immigration has increased over the last few years and is a trending option for young Indian talents looking for job opportunities in the European tech hub.

The most popular fields for jobs are information technology, manufacturing, medicine and engineering. These fields have shortage of qualified workforce. Germany job seeker visa is a program to address the demand of employment shortage in Germany.

With complete information on Germany Job Seeker visa success rate 2021 you get the opportunity to move to Germany and search for a job during 6 months in the field of your experience. Once you find a job, then you can convert a German job seeker visa into a work visa or apply for a blue card.  Commonly asked question by applicants applying for Germany Job Seeker Visa is the requirements, cost and what to expect in Germany Job Seeker Visa interview questions.


Before Interview preparation for:  Germany Job Seeker visa


After you have successfully applied for Germany job seeker visa and you receive the call for the interview you need to do certain preparations for clearing the interview session as follow:


German Language Proficiency


  1. Although, there is no such requirement of Germany language for applying for Germany job seeker visa but to survive in Germany you should learn the language.
  2. For the success of your interview learning basic German language is important although not mandatory.


Documents required during Interview


During your interview session you need to carry the following documents:

  1. Application Forms
  2. Valid Passport
  3. Passport Pictures
  4. Cover letter
  5. Academic Qualification Proofs
  6. German Language proficiency certificate (if any)
  7. Personal CV
  8. Proof of Accommodation
  9. Proof of Financial Funds
  10. Proof of Health Insurance
  11. Proof of IDs in India (Personal Status)
  12. Demand draft for Application fee
  13. Demand draft for Verification fee


Getting an Interview Appointment


  1. Now that you have prepared the documents for the interview session ensure you arrive at the decided interview appointment date and the consulate.
  2. It is always better to consult your Germany job seeker visa consultant in Chandigarh who can assist you in booking the appointment


Getting Ready Germany Job seeker visa: Interview Questions

You would be asked certain questions during your interview session for Germany Job seeker visa.


  1. Why do you want to go to Germany?



  1. They wish to know the reason why you opted for Germany as a destination. You could explain how Germany is better in terms of job opportunities and growth. Be clear and concise about what you say.




  1. Do you have enough financial sources / financial support?


  1. Here they wish to know whether you have enough financial sources to support your stay in Germany. Your blocked account as suggested by your Germany job seeker consultant in Chandigarh and your documents would justify the say.You need to answer the question affirmatively.


  1. Do you have any German language certification?


  1. Although it is not the visa requirement but knowing German language is wise. The consulate would ask you some basic German questions in case your answer is yes.



  1. Do you have any prior job experience?



  1. Explain your previous work experience as per the field.



  1. Are you going to work in the same field?


  1. Answer affirmatively as per your application.


  1. Do you think you can get a job in Germany?


  1. They wish to know that you are motivated to find employment in Germany on the visa.



  1. If you do not find a job in Germany what will you do?



  1. As it is a temporary visa, so mention that you would be returning to your home country and gain employment.


  1. Why did you choose this subject at the graduation level?


  1. Mention your reasons and interest.


  1. Do you intend to become a permanent resident of Germany?


  1. As it is a temporary visa, mention your intentions.


  1. Are you single or married? (Estimate the living cost and the amount that you going to contribute to) 

    Answer the question honestly.



  1. Is your family accompanying you? (If married)


  1. Answer the question accordingly.


  1. Do you plan on carrying any small scale business when you enter Germany with this visa?



  1. As it is a temporary visa, you are not allowed to carry any small scale business so answer accordingly.



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