Germany student visa processing time and Success rate 2021

Germany is the best place to consider for a high quality education with free of cost education.  Public universities in Germany offer admission to various programs and courses with zero tuition cost. Along with this latest and advanced research infrastructure, wide career prospects and world class teaching methodologies makes Germany a great country to be in!

Among the most popular study destinations Germany has about 92% success rate for international students which by far is a great number for application success rate 2021. Germany has very strict Germany student visa processing requirements owing to which students must consult a Germany study advisor in Chandigarh before applying for the study in Germany program.

Going forward we would be discussing the requirements for Germany student visa, processing time for Germany student visa and how you can improve application success rate 2021.

Germany student visa 2021 Requirements

Step 1 Requirement for Study in Germany

To study in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program at Public University for free:

  1. Students must have a good academic qualification with 70% and above score. For Graduate programs in Germany student must have 12+1 year of study in India along with language proficiency of IELTS 6. For ensuring they meet both these requirements consulting a Germany study visa consultant is a wise decision.
  2. For Master’s in Germany students must have 4 years of graduation with 70% and above score. Also language requirement of IELTS 6.
  3. Once the students have met the above mentioned requirements and received acceptance letter from a University in Germany they can apply for Germany student visa.

In case students fail to meet these requirements they can opt for private universities in Germany where the requirements are easier.

Step 2 Germany Student Visa requirements 2021

On completing the above requirements the next step is to apply for Germany student visa. Following documents are required for ensuring success rate of your Germany student visa application in 2021.

  1. Valid passport
  2. Passport data Xerox
  3. Letter of admission from Germany University
  4. Academic certificates and transcripts (10th, 12th and higher)
  5. Application form and declaration form
  6. Cover letter
  7. Financial Proof
  8. Language Proficiency score card
  9. Demand draft
  10. Passport size photographs

Step 3 Processing time for Germany student visa

Usually the processing time for Germany student visa is 25 days to 12 weeks. Your Germany study advisor can guide you on the complete application procedure and assistance for success of your Germany study visa application.

How to Improve Germany student visa success rate 2021?

  1. Ensure you carefully fill your visa application.
  2. Ensure you provide sound financial background documents along with ensuring you have sufficient amount in the blocked account to cover your living cost in Germany. Students from foreign countries are expected to show 10,236 Euros in their blocked account.
  3. Further, providing satisfactory academic records as desired by German university to your Germany study advisor is wise.
  4. Any gap in studies should be properly explained with gap justification.
  5. Work experience documents if applicable should be provided along with other documents.
  6. Ensure you have sufficient language skills. While IELTS is important, knowing German language can be beneficial for the application success.
  7. Having a consistent choice of study program is beneficial. For example you had science in 12th and now opting for B.Tech in engineering is wise. However, if you are now opting for business administrative course for graduation that needs to be properly justified in your letter of motivation.
  8. Carefully ensure you go through each and every document for your visa application and have complete knowledge of your study course, university, and program. Your visa officer could be interested in knowing your reasons for studying in Germany and failure to provide right answers can hamper the success rate of your Germany student visa.

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