How to get job in abroad?

How to get Job After Completing Studies in Abroad?

Why Getting Job is Difficult?

Moving abroad is a dream of many.  But if you do not have a small fortune to support yourself while you are studying abroad, your dream of moving and settling abroad may not fulfill.  You have to go through a stressful visa process in order to study and work abroad.  But despite getting so many efforts, many students are not able to get job in desired field.  Working on a part time basis gives you financial security that you can aid your studies and living abroad on your own.

Depending upon your visa requirements, course and skills, you can find a job. If you are on a standard visa to the Australia, Canada, New Zealand or Australia, you are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week while studying and 40 hours per week during vacations (Christmas and New Year).  You can find work in administration office, shops, and cafeteria or even within a faculty.  These jobs are available as flexible part time shifts and you can work more if your course allows.  Before you apply for any kind of job ensure you are acquainted with the local language since there will be lot of interaction.

Useful Tips to Get Job Easily in Abroad

  • Prioritize things:- You cannot start looking for jobs unless you have arrived or settled in new surroundings. Finding employment in a different country requires hard work, careful planning and flexibility.  Before you start looking for job, it is important for you prioritize the change that is important to you.  If location is important to you, then be prepared to stay in the industry you are currently in unless you have established yourself in the new place.
  • Start job search early: – It is not a good thing to start looking for job when you have completed your studies. But you must start the job search early. If you start the job search process early, chances are there you will find the right employer.  You can look for jobs in the newspapers or online.  It is suggested to prepare your resume beforehand so that you can easily apply for jobs.
  • Target cities with less competition:- Students can not only secure jobs in particular countries but also in particular cities. You will face troubles to get job in highly competitive job market because you will be competing against the best people.  Therefore, the best thing you could do to find job in the foreign market is to target cities where there is less competition as this will enhance chances of getting job.
  • Set Your Unique Skills:- The most in-demand industries in countries like US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand are- science, technology, engineering and manufacturing, which is also referred to as STEM. Additional branches which are highly in demand are mobile application, digital marketing, social media, data analytics, etc. When planning to enter in the job market, you must take time to identify your skills and position yourself apart in the global market.
  • Consider alternatives:- Since there are numerous methods available to find and get job after you have completed your studies.  However, if due to some reasons, you are not able to find job in your desired profile, you can try in several other ways.

How West Highlander can Help You?

Those were several expert tips compiled by the professionals of West Highlander. We have been in the immigration industry from last 15 years and have helped numerous students fulfill their dreams of studying and settling abroad.  We provide our clients knowledge and guidance so that they can find job easily soon after they have completed their studies.   For more information, feel free to contact us.