Get your New Zealand student-visa from a Licensed Immigration Adviser

2k18 – A year for Immigration New Zealand in which they rejected maximum offshore New Zealand Student-Visa Applications filed by the applicants. The main reason behind these visa-rejections was the fraudulent information provided while lodging their application for student-visa to study in New Zealand. It has been recorded that the fraudulent applications almost doubled in 2018.

“According to Immigration New Zealand, the number of visa applications confirmed to have misleading information, such as fraudulent bank accounts, funds with no clear origin, or fraudulent qualifications and work experience spiked by 88% in 2018.”

In this lieu, Immigration New Zealand has regulated their filtration for New Zealand Student Visa Applications. They are dedicated on ensuring that the student-visa applications filed by the students desiring to study in New Zealand are of highest quality. This means that Immigration New Zealand will reject any application without any further investigation which will provide them with any misleading information. Also, any application will get declined if there will be no authenticity/originality of the information provided by the applicant or if the applicant fails to meet the criteria or instructions mentioned.

It is not always the case that such errors arise from a student’s side. The Consultant or an Agent from which one applies their file for student visa also plays a crucial role. It becomes their responsibility to represent the applicant’s case as authentic as possible and fraudulent-information free to be lodged for New Zealand Student Visa. This is why, it is always recommended to apply your while through an Adviser who is a Licensed Immigration Adviser certified by IAA-Immigration Advisers Authority (New Zealand Govt.).

Who is a Licensed Immigration Adviser who gets certification for advising by IAA-Immigration Advisers Authority (New Zealand Govt.)?

IAA – Immigration Advisers Authority has been implanted by the New Zealand Government to take the responsibility for protecting the people, who receive New Zealand Immigration Advice.

The person providing advice about the immigration process for New Zealand should have a license certified by IAA; otherwise, it is illegal to provide information regarding New Zealand in terms of visa. The Immigration New Zealand will reject the applications for any visa for New Zealand, if their file is not applied through the person who is licensed. Moreover, there is a high probability that unlicensed person is unskilled and doesn’t possess any knowledge about Immigration process to New Zealand.

It is illegal to provide New Zealand Immigration advice without license.

So, it becomes very much evident that if you want New Zealand, apply through Licensed Immigration Adviser by IAA.

Reach West Highlander to contact Licensed Immigration Adviser to get advice on Immigration for New Zealand.

Ms Parwinder Kaur – Licensed Immigration Adviser certified by IAA

The Director of West Highlander Immigration is a Licensed Immigration Adviser and her license number is 201002008. She has 15 years of experience in guiding students who want to study in New Zealand. Her extreme dedication and contribution has made West Highlander Study-Abroad Consultancy as one of the leading one. Her team of expert counsellors and visa-filing experts have helped West Highlander to maintain high visa-approval success rate in the region. Along with student-visa services, we also assist our clients through their Visitor and Dependent Visa for New Zealand.

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