GTE statement for Study in Australia- Explaining value of the course opted. 

GTE is a mandatory criterion which you need to satisfy for your Study in Australia visa application. The case officer assessing your study in Australia visa applications needs to be satisfied with this before granting you Australia student visa.  There are many factors which a case officer considers while assessing this criteria. One of them is the value of your course to your future. In your personal statement addressing GTE criteria take care to mention the following 3 points for this course value factor.

1     Consistency of the course with your current education
The visa officer would look into whether the course you propose to do in Australia is consistent with your current level of education.  Are you consistent with your studies? Is the level of the course same as per your current qualification. Justify all these points in your personal GTE Statement. The case officer needs to be satisfied that your sole intention to go to Australia is to study only and that you are not applying for student visa to maintain ongoing residence in Australia. Consistency of the course with your current education would very strongly support your GTE Statement.
Mention about your past studies and point out how you have been consistent in your education. One of the examples may be that you are Graduate with 2 years of supervisor or team leader work experience and would now like to do an MBA in Australia. This scenario shows consistency of your past education and work experience with your proposed course MBA IN Australia.
2   Relevance of the course to your past studies and any work experience you may have
Another important aspect is the relevancy of the course. Is the course you intend to do relevant to your past studies? This is very important. If there is no relevancy then it may create doubts about your intention to Study in Australia unless you provide reasons for this. The reasons must be very strong enough to support your Study in Australia application.
Mention very clearly how your past studies are relevant to your proposed course for Study in Australia. To further go with the example mentioned above – you are a graduate with 2 years of work experience. MBA is a qualification any graduate can opt for. You further have 2 years of work experience which is very positive to do an MBA. The relevancy and study progression is very much clear. Relate this in your personal GTE Statement.
3 Clear career outcomes you expect to have on successful completion of the course
As an international student you are spending a huge amount of money for your international education and the case officer would like to see what career outcomes you expect to have after completing your studies. If you do not mention this clearly then the case may doubt about your intention and it may give an impression that your motive to go to Australia is not solely to study over there.
Be very specific about the career outcomes-job growth you expect to have after completing study in Australia. Again to go further with the above example you may mention in your statement that you already are a graduate with supervisory work experience and with your present qualification you cannot see much growth in your career so you would like to study MBA as the qualification would open doors for the management roles for you. Along with this mention about the potential companies you may work for with specific job positions you may become eligible after successfully completing your study in Australia.
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