Health Management Programs for Doctors & Dentists in New Zealand

Health Management has gained scrupulous importance in the present world. Owing to declining health of the people of the world, the world health concerns have raised an alarm and require appropriate actions. For this, we need good doctors who can take care of and provide adequate consultation to the people to stay healthy and fit. New Zealand is a country which is taking proactive measures to provide improvisation in the health sector and generate awareness among people. The international students often opt to study in health relating programs in New Zealand. The students, who have attained recognizable degrees like doctor or dentistry in their own country also aim to earn education in New Zealand so as to gain international exposure, polish their skills, take a broader outlook and understand the health practices of the developed world, gain experience among experienced professionals of the health field and sometimes to settle down in a developed country.
Health management programs for study abroad aspirants in New Zealand – The doctors and dentists can opt for masters program in health administration, health management, health science and public health. If they aim to practice as a doctor in New Zealand, they are required to obtain registration from the appropriate medical authorities to initiate professional practice. Hence, there are a lot many opportunities international students can avail by attaining study in New Zealand.

  • Auckland University of Technology – The AUT institution provides varied study options for international students like Master of Health Practice, Master of Health Science, Master of Public Health, etc. The full-time Level 9 programs are of 2 years duration and require appropriate bachelors or graduate diploma degree. It also requires one year of professional experience at least while the IELTS requirement is 6.5 bands with no band less than 6. The programs are aptly designed to enhance the understanding and skill of the students.
  • Eastern Institute of Technology – To study in New Zealand, the renowned institution offers full-time and part-time master of health science program. The program takes 18 months to complete if undertaken on full-time basis while it takes double the time if taken on part time basis. The program is tailored for meeting the skill and professionalism requirements of health managers, and health practitioners. The IELTS requirement is 6.5 bands and undergraduate degree from a recognized institution or professional experience is required.
  • Southern Institute of Technology – The institution offers Master of Health Sciences (Wellness and Rehabilitation) course. The course takes one and a half year to complete and is a NZQA Level 9 course. The entry requirements include 6.5 bands in overall and Level 7 bachelor course in health field or an equivalent course. The overall fee requirement of the course is $26,400.

These are some highly recognized institutions to study in New Zealand in the health related field. If you require more information regarding health courses in New Zealand and study abroad, you can contact West Highlander career consultancy. They are licensed adviser from IAA New Zealand. Contact no. – 9915999677, 9915999766.