How Can I know if my course is relevant for study in Canada?

Selection of the right course is the first step towards successful outcome of the Study in Canada application. 
What does right course mean?
It means to select a course which is relevant to your previous educational background and any work experience you may have. The course must also be consistent with your previous studies.
Scenario 1
You are a 10+2 student with non medical background. You now would like to go for a hospitality course in Canada.
Is this course relevant?
This course choice is not relevant to your previous education background of science- non medical stream. This would raise questions as to why you would like to join hospitality after doing 12th in science stream. Unless and until you have very strong reasons to justify the course this course selection may attract visa refusal for your Study in Canada application. You chose this stream after your 10th standard from other subjects of Arts, medical, commerce, computers etc. If you had a career choice of hospitality then you could opt for other subject combination rather than Non medical.
What course would be relevant to then?
The relevant courses may include science, engineering courses, computer courses, and Information Technology courses. You may opt for Diploma, Advance Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor’s degree in these courses.
Scenario 2
You are a Science Graduate. You are recent pass out with no experience. You would like to go for MBA.
Is this course relevant?
Your background is in Science and you do not have any work experience. If you have work experience then the situation would be different. As stated above the proposed course must be relevant to your academics and any work experience you have. In this situation this course may not be an appropriate choice for you.
What course would be relevant then?
The most relevant courses may be Masters of Science (Natural Science), Master of Environmental Sciences. You may also opt for a Graduate Diploma and Graduate certificate in these streams.
Scenario 3
You are B Tech in Computer Engineering. You are a recent pass out .Now you would like to study Diploma in Computers.
Is this course selection right?
The course is no doubt relevant as you have already studied computers and now are opting for computer course. But the issue here may be the lower level of course you are opting for which may result in refusal. Along with the course being relevant it must also be consistent- at the appropriate level as compared to your previous studies.
What would be the right course level then?
The right course level would be a course in computer at a Graduate Diploma or a Graduate Certificate Level. You may also opt for Masters in IT/ Computers and similar courses.
Above are some of the examples of the right course selection.  This is very important for the success of your Study in Canada application. By selecting the course relevant and at an appropriate level to your previous studies you can avoid one of the common reasons of refusal for Canada student visa application. For any query you may have about your course selection please contact West Highlander. We are based in Chandigarh and have till date successfully served hundreds of Study Abroad aspirants.