How much time does it take to get Offer Letter from Australian Institutions?

Australia is a much sought after study abroad destination. The country has one of the best research facilities, education facilities, most qualified professional faculty and unique infrastructural provisions. The environment at educational institutions is very congenial and pro-active that allows students to experience and understand in a better way and ultimately opt for the course they are actually interested in.
Australia has universities, TAFE colleges and vocational education and training (VET) providers in tertiary education concern. The international students planning to study in Australia can opt to study in any of these institutions as per their course requirement and level of expertise required. Now, to study in Australian institutions, students are required to apply admission into them and acquire Offer Letter from them. Offer Letter is a confirmation letter from the educational institution that they have accepted the student as their prospective student for the respective course and intake.
Now, let us know how much time it takes to obtain an Offer Letter from Australian Institutions. It depends upon the course you have applied for, institution you have applied into as some institutions provide it a little early while others take time. So, there are many factors on which time taken by the institutions depend. According to the course, time taken by the institution is mentioned below –
Diploma course Diploma courses are the most usually opted option by the international students. As, it is often seen that students apply to study abroad to gain international exposure and practical expertise and both these qualities can be acquired through Diploma program. Talking about the time taken by the institution in providing Acceptance Letter or Letter of Offer is most probably about 2 days i.e. the institutions usually provide it within 48 hours.
Bachelor’s/Master’s program – The duration of Bachelor’s program is usually three or four years and for master’s program, it is two years. The Australian Institutions take about 7 to 15 days in providing Acceptance Letter to international students for bachelor’s and master’s program.
Masters by Research/Doctoral program – These are the most critical programs of study and require thorough examination, so universities take about 6 weeks or more to provide Offer Letter for these courses.
This is the time taken by the Australian institutions in providing Acceptance Letter to international students to allow them to study in Australia. If your require learning more about study in Australia, you can consult with most experienced and qualified consultants of Chandigarh region – West Highlander Consultants. Contact No. – 9915999677, 9915999766.