How to get PR after study in Australia?

How to get PR after study in Australia?

Many Indian students dream of studying in Australia. Australia is one of the popular countries in terms of providing excellent education opportunities. World class Australian universities and colleges ranking in top ten QS ranking. The diverse culture and safe and secure community life attracts thousands of students every year. One of the common query students often wonder when apply for Australia study visa is how to get PR after study in Australia?

Going forward we would be elaborating on the options for International student to apply for PR after study in Australia.

General Skilled Migration is one of the pathways for International students to apply for Australia PR after completing their studies. It is one of the economic immigration process where a student needs to score points and is entirely a different process. The program depends on the Australia labor market’s requirement of skilled and talented applicants who can fulfill the requirements of the market and in return can fill jobs and titles.

General Skilled Migration is a point based system where applicants need to score points which are granted to applicants as per their skills and work experience. Under Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) applicants do not need to be sponsored by state or be sponsored by a relative.

Minimum Requirements for Australia PR

Following are the minimum requirements for Australia PR after completing study in Australia:

  1. Firstly, you need to meet the Australian study requirement. You must obtain an Australian study requirement which is you need to obtain an Australia qualification for minimum 2 years of study.
  2. Further, you age needs to be 18-49 for applying for this visa subclass.
  3. Further, applicant needs to score minimum IELTS score of 6 or equivalents in another specified test of English language ability.
  4. Further, applicant needs to nominate and hold a skill assessment for occupation from the skilled occupation list.

As Migration is dependent on Australia economy and employment needs so our Australia PR consultants in Chandigarh, West Highlander advises students to nominate and get skilled assessment for occupation on the skilled occupation list. Areas that are high in demand in the employment list on SOL are health, education, technology, trades or environment. Further, applicant in case are nominated by a state or territory government under subclass visa 190 then your occupation should be on the CSOL or consolidated sponsored occupation list. One should review the list carefully to check the area of study and the approved skill assessor for the job or work.

Increasing chances of applying for Australia PR after study for GSM program

  1. One can apply for post study extension after completing your study program. This can help you boost some points for the PR program for Australia.
  2. Further, one can develop English language skills and also work on the employment experience.
  3. One can also work on increasing the qualification. This could get you more points. For example- a diploma can get you 10 pints whereas a bachelor gets 15 points and doctorate degree attracts 20 points.
  4. Applicants who score high in their English language proficiency as IELTS 7 or IELTS 8 attract higher points of 10 or 20 respectively.
  5. Applicants who have completed their Australia study program in a regional area can fetch 5 more points. Living in a specified regional area for least 2 years and working full time in that area for 12 months can consult their immigration consultant to apply for skilled regional visa.
  6. For your age an applicant can score 30 points in case you are between 25 and 32.
  7. Being employed in a good job one can add additional points to your profile. One can apply for post study extension which can help in you finding a job. A minimum of one year work experience can get you 5 additional points. Any employment overseas can also get you more points.
  8. A professional year program of 12 months can get you five extra points.

Benefits of Australia PR

Following are the benefits of Australia PR:

  1. You can stay in Australia permanently.
  2. Your spouse and dependent children can be included with your application.
  3. Australia’s public health care scheme can benefit you.
  4. Domestic fees for education can be enjoyed by your dependent children.
  5. You could apply for citizenship.
  6. Moreover, you could sponsor your eligible relatives.
  7. Australia offers a safe and multicultural environment.

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