Can you move to Australia without a job in 2021

Can you move to Australia without a job in 2021?

Yes, you could certainly move to Australia without a job in 2021. However, in case you have a job offer then the chances of applying for Australia PR under few programs becomes easier. One can avail points for having a job offer in Australia but is not necessary criterion for applicants who are planning to apply.

Moving to Australia without a job in 2021 is certainly possible. There are numerous programs under which one can apply and fulfill the basic eligibility to migrate to Australia. In this blog you would find information about how you can move to Australia without a job in 2021.

Australia PR programs without a job in 2021

Australia offers numerous immigration pathways for individuals who are well educated and have skills which can add to the Australian economy. Australia is a warm country with a flourishing economy which results in continuous requirement of skilled workers for the continuous development.

One can apply for moving to Australia without a job in 2021 under skill select programs.

Skill Select Program or General Skilled Migration is to assist individuals who wish to move to Australia without a job offer. Under the GSM one can move to Australia on meeting the requirements of the programs. Under the General skilled migration program as it is an economic program, one needs to score minimum 65 points for meeting the requirements.

Points are awarded for meeting the following requirements:

  1. Age- Scores are awarded based on the age of the applicant. In case you are between age of 25 -32 then you get the maximum points.
  2. English language proficiency- Applicants are expected to take the acceptable IELTS/PTE test for scoring points. In case you score 8 IELTS bands or PTE equivalent then you can get maximum of 20 points.
  3. Your Skilled Occupation listed under CSOL list will get you points based on the years of your experience. Further, you need to get your experience assessed by the recognized Australian assessment authorities such as VETASSES, TRA, ANMAC, AITSL, ACS, Engineers Australia etc. You can get maximum of 20 points for this.
  4. Educational qualification- You would get maximum of 20 points for meeting the highest qualification. In case you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree then you would get 15 points.
  5. Further for your spouse’s language, education and work experience in case they are planning to move to Australia with you then you can get 5 points.

In case an applicant has an Australia educational qualification, work experience, studied in regional Australia or is proficiency in a community language then you can additionally score 5 points for each of these requirements.

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189– In case an applicant wishes to move to Australia from India without a job this is one of the promising visa subclasses. It is one of the many point based permanent visa for applicants. An applicant does not need a sponsorship from an employer, family member or state nomination. Applicants would require scoring of minimum of 65 points for their profile and also be under the age of 45 years. Firstly, applicant must submit an expression of interest and your job should be under the relevant occupation list. Once you have been invited by skill select as an applicant you need to apply to the invitation to apply application within 60 days. Once you have been granted 189 visa you could easily move to Australia without a job in 2021 and settle, work and study in Australia in any of the territories and areas.

Skilled nominated visa subclass 190 – Is another promising opportunity to be nominated to an Australian state or territory and settle in Australia without a job in 2021. Applicants are again required to obtain a minimum score of 65 points under this visa subclass.  Your age should be under 45 years of age and occupation should be listed on the skilled occupation list relevant to your work experience. Your Australia PR consultant in Chandigarh, West Highlander is your best source for complete information and assistance. Once you have been selected for the particular visa you could sponsor your eligible relatives for PR visas too and can settle in Australia without a job in the territory.

Visa subclass 491Is the third option for applicants planning to move to Australia without a job in 2021 and can settle in regional Australia and work there. As an applicant interested in applying for Australia PR you must be nominated by an Australian state or territory or be sponsored by an eligible relative. Further your age should be under 45 years old and you would be required to score minimum 65 points for being eligible to move to Australia.  Initially the duration of this visa is 5 years and is a pathway to PR visa under subclass visa 191 through which one can move to Australia in 2021.

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