Easy ways to immigrate to Australia from India in 2021

Easy ways to immigrate to Australia from India in 2021



Australia is a popular choice among applicants planning to apply for Australia immigration from India. The reasons why numerous Indians are choosing Australia as their preferred destination of immigration are many. Firstly, the serene environment, warm climate, beaches and a vibrant lifestyle is an attractive factor of this country. Secondly, there are numerous cities in Australia such as Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane which are ranked high on the livable index for city ranking continuously. These cities are vibrant and offer community culture to the immigrants with the comfort of home away from their native lands. Moreover, these countries have low population, low pollution levels and vast landscapes which are beneficial for those planning to settle in Australia with their families. Education facilities in Australia are beyond d compare and one can enjoy excellent education at domestic tuition cost for their dependent children or in case one wishes to upgrade their own education. Work opportunities are plenty for the young and talented Indians. Apart from this Australian immigration policies are friendly and provide several visa subclasses to applicants to apply successfully.

A common question asked by candidates planning for immigration to Australia from India is the various programs or visa subclasses under which one can apply? Going forward we would be discussing the easy ways to immigrate to Australia from India in 2021 and the further details of Australia immigration.


Top easy ways to immigrate to Australia from India in 2021


Skilled migration to Australia from India in 2021


Skilled migration is one of the most popular immigration to Australia programs among Indians which has seen a high number of application rate.  Australia immigration numbers have been continuously increasing every year and in the upcoming years it is going to see a huge boom.  Under Australia’s skilled migration program there are three visa subclasses under which one you can apply. Once you have been successful for skilled migration program for Australia PR visa you would be contributing to the economy and able to fill job positions for workers in Australia. Skilled migrants have huge participation in the workforce aiding in economic growth of the country and creating more employment opportunities.  Here are the three visa subclasses for skilled migration to Australia from India in 2021:


Visa subclass 189


Visa subclass 189 is one of the easy ways to immigrate to Australia from India. It is a point based permanent visa for applicants. It is not a sponsored program therefore you do not require to be sponsored by an employer, family member or state nominated. Applicants planning to immigrate to Australia under visa 189, need to score minimum 65 points for their profile and another requirement is you should be below 45 years of age. For applying for 189 subclass the applicant must submit an expression of interest and your job should be under the relevant occupation list. One you have been invited by skill select you need to apply to the invitation to apply application within 60 days. Once you have been granted 189 visa you could easily immigrate to Australia from India with your family. One of the benefits of subclass visa 189 is that you could work, live and study in Australia as Australia PR in 2021.


Visa subclass 190


Skilled nominated visa subclass 190 requires you to be nominated by an Australian state or territory. Applicants are required to obtain a minimum score of 65 points for being eligible to apply for skilled nominated visa subclass 190 by a participating state or territory government. The applicant’s age should be under 45 years of age and occupation should be listed on the skilled occupation list relevant to your profile. Your Australia PR consultant in Chandigarh, West Highlander is your best source for complete information and assistance. Once you have been selected for the particular visa you could sponsor your eligible relatives for PR visas too.


Visa subclass 491


Visa subclass 491 is a regional visa offering skilled workers to live and work in regional Australia. The applicant needs to be nominated by an Australian state or territory or be sponsored by an eligible relative. Your age should be under 45 years old and you would be required to score minimum 65 points for being eligible to apply for this skilled work regional visa. The duration of this visa is 5 years and is a pathway to PR visa under subclass visa 191.


Benefits of Australia Immigration in 2021


  1. You can stay in Australia permanently –including your spouse and dependent children.
  2. Enroll in free public healthcare scheme-Medicare.
  3. Domestic tuition fees for education.
  4. Apply for Australia citizenship on being eligible.
  5. Sponsor eligible relatives for Australia PR.
  6. Safe and multicultural society to live in.
  7. Numerous work and growth opportunities.


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