How to get PR after study in Canada

How to get PR after study in Canada 2021?

Canada has been the land of promising opportunities. The Great White North or the maple leaf country has been offering numerous study programs to students who plan to look for better prospects. One of the common question students who plan to apply for study program enquire about how to get PR after study in Canada in 2021.

Canada PR after study options

Advantage of Canada study program for PR

Following are the benefits of applying for Canada study program for PR opportunities:

  1. Firstly, you would be enrolled in a Canadian world class institute which can open opportunities of work for you.
  2. After completing your study program in Canada you could apply for post study work permit and can gain profitable work experience.
  3. This work experience can count towards scoring points for different Canada PR programs that you could apply in.
  4. At present in case a student has completed a graduate degree program in Canada the points for their express entry profile are maximum 50.

Canada is one the most immigration friendly conversation offering numerous prospects of settlement to students. Our Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh, West Highlander is here to assist you with numerous options for PR after study in Canada 2021.

Express Entry 2021: for PR after study in Canada

Canada offers express entry program for students who are planning to apply for study program. Express entry is one of the economic immigration programs where candidates with minimum one year of work experience a candidate can apply for Canada PR. Express Entry is a point based system where  points are required out of 100. These points are provided for your age, education, work experience, language qualification and adaptability. However, for express entry-Canadian experience class is the category under which you a student post having minimum one year of work experience can apply for PR after study in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Programs 2021

As there are provinces in Canada and territories having their own immigration programs a student already studying in the province can apply for PNP Canada program. As each provincial nominee program have different immigration requirement a candidate who has graduated or is in the process of graduating from the province can apply for provincial nominee program for Canada PR.

Quebec Immigration Options

In case you are an international student in Quebec there are PR programs after you complete your study in Quebec. The province has its own individual immigration system with requirements and procedure. Quebec’s two main immigration programs for international students to get PR after study in Canada 2021 are:

Quebec Experience Program: In case you have completed your study program in Quebec or will in 6 months then you can qualify for PEQ. For qualifying for PEQ, an international student must have an advanced intermediate knowledge of oral French.

Quebec Skilled Worker:  This program is for international students in Quebec who completed their study or in process of completing an educational credential from Quebec. There is no mandatory French proficiency requirement but you must meet a minimum score for the points assessment grid.

Requirements of Canadian Experience Class 2021

Following are the requirements for Canada Experience class for PR after study in Canada:

  1. A candidate needs to have at least 12 months of full time or part time in Canada. However, a student needs to ensure that work experience during your study program does not count as the experience. Once you have applied for post study work permit and gain experience would be considered.
  2. Your work experience should be in skill type in level O, A or B as per National Occupation list. Your minimum one year of work experience can also be in 2 different NOC codes.
  3. You should have a desire to settle in Canada outside Quebec.
  4. Also, you would be required to have language proficiency. For skill level B you need IELTS general of 5 in writing, listening and speaking & 4 in reading. For skill level O or A you need 6 in each module of IELTS. You could give CELPIP or IELTS for your language testing.

Students who have completed a post secondary education in Canada- Requirements

  1. In case you are a graduate who has completed a full time course for at least 2 academic years from a post secondary institute can apply for CEC.
  2. You need to have work experience to be eligible for Canada PR. The work experience of 12 months needs to be after your graduation and not on a student visa.
  3. The work experience during your post study work permit is acceptable.
  4. Part time work during your full time student life would not be considered.

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