How to join your Australian Spouse without waiting for long time for subclass 309 ?

I have been recently married to an Australian Resident. The partner temporary provisional processing time from India is about 1 year. What are the options for me to join my spouse in Australia quickly?
The processing time for offshore partner visa subclass for Australia 309 is currently about 11 to 13 months. Now this may be a long waiting time for you to join your spouse in Australia. Your spouse who is Australian resident or citizen may also not stay with you in your home country because of his work commitments.
The best option for you would be to go for lodgement of visa subclass 309 which is partner provisional visa and immediately after that you may apply for visitor visa subclass 600. Applying for this combination of dependent visa would be beneficial for you as after the grant of your visitor visa subclass 600 you may travel to Australia and be with your spouse while your partner provisional visa subclass 309 is under process at Department of Home Affairs.
The processing time of visitor visa subclass 600 is about 15 to 20 days. So you may travel you Australia immediately.
Steps of Applying

  • Gather your personal documentation your passports identity documents
  • Gather your relationship documents- Proof of your marriage, Public recognition of your marriage
  • Gather your sponsor’s documents – your Australian resident/ citizen spouse
  • Arrange for your medicals
  • Apply for visa subclass 309
  • Gather your visa subclass 600 documentation
  • Apply for visitor visa subclass 600
  • Get decision within 15 to 20 days
  • Join your spouse in Australia

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