How to migrate to Canada from India with family?


Canada one of the most developed nations of the world is a dream destination for many people as it offers very good economic opportunities for people who get Canada PR. Many people from India would like to move to Canada permanently. Following is the information about how to migrate to Canada from India with family

To apply for Canada permanent residency from India there are requirements you need to fulfil. You may apply for Canada PR under express entry stream

What are the requirements to apply for Canada PR from India?

  • Work experience requirement

The first and foremost  requirement to apply under express entry  for Canada PR is that you must have experience in a occupation classified as skill type 0, skill type A or skill type B in the NOC list- National Occupation classification list.

  • Qualification requirement

You must have a qualification which is equivalent to Canadian qualification. To satisfy this express entry condition for Canada permanent residency you must have ECA report for your qualification.

  • English language requirement

You must have required English language ability. This can be proved by having an IELTS test score of 6 in each of the four modules.

Other than these above compulsory requirements for which you get points in express entry Canada pool you also get points for age, job offer, spouse language skills and any relatives in Canada


Under express entry you can migrate to Canada from India with family. There are many steps involved to migrate to Canada. Ensure that you follow step by step process for Canada PR for your application to be successful. An experienced and expert Canada PR consultant has information about steps for Canada PR from India. To ensure that step by step process for Canada PR is followed you need services of professional consultant. West Highlander Immigration based in Chandigarh established in 2005 has been successfully dealing with Canada PR applications. They are a team of professionals who provide you with efficient and transparent services.