How to prove your bona fides for New Zealand Student Visa

This is one of the crucial factors influencing your study in New Zealand visa application. If you fulfill all other requirements of having sufficient funds in name of eligible sponsors for the duration of your stay in New Zealand while on student visa but if the Case Officer is not satisfied that you are a bona fide entrant whose intention is only to study in New Zealand then there are high chances that your New Zealand student visa application may be refused.
Relevancy of your course
The Case Officer would look into your academic background in your home country and the relevance of your proposed course. The visa officer would see the factors how your previous studies are connected to your future course and the outcomes you expect to receive once you successfully complete your course in New Zealand. This must make sense and must be logically connected to your individual circumstances. If it doesn’t make sense and you are not clear about the course you intend  to do and how it would benefit you in terms of your career aspiration then this lack of clarity would raise doubts about your plans to study in New Zealand and your intention of entering New Zealand only to study.
Gaps in Study
If you have any unexplained gaps in your New Zealand student visa application then again the case officer may not be satisfied that you are a bona fide student whose intention is only to study in New Zealand. So it is very important that you provide documentary evidence of any period of gaps you may have in your studies. Again it’s not only about providing evidence, the evidence must be convincing enough to support your New Zealand student visa application.
Work Experience supporting documentation
If you have got any work experience then make sure that you support your work experience with verifiable documentary evidence. If the immigration officer is not able to verify your work experience then again there are high chances of your New Zealand student visa application getting refused. It’s not only about proving work experience letters- it is much more than that. You need to provide range of supporting documents for your work experience. The case officer may rely on your SOP and interview to check the bona fides. So it’s very crucial that you prepare for your SOP and interview carefully.
We at West Highlander take utmost care to prepare your application as per the policy . The key team member of the company is a licensed Immigration Adviser licensed by Immigration Adviser authority New Zealand since 2010 and have till date served hundreds of New Zealand visa aspirants successfully.