Canada PR options for IT professionals

I am an IT professional. What are Canada PR options for me?


Canada is widely becoming a leading name in the field of tech giants and technological advancement. If you are a software developer, IT project manager, computer programmer or computer engineer here is some news for you.

Canada has vast options for IT professionals and is open to inviting you for Canada PR options.

The demand for IT professionals has been on the increase in Canada and various provinces in particular in Canada to fulfill the demand of the labor market. With high demand and friendly immigration policies, immigrants and future applicants for Canada PR visas have a golden opportunity to gain through various economic immigration programs.

Here are some of the options for IT professionals.

Express Entry for IT professionals


  1. Express entry is one way for IT professionals to apply for Canada PR. This is a popular pathway for tech talent to find their way to Canada.
  2. Express entry is an economic immigration program which is a fast process to apply for Canada PR.
  3. In case you are an IT professional looking for a pathway for Canada PR then you can apply under the Federal Skilled Worker program under express entry.

Requirements for Express entry for IT professionals


Express entry is a point-based system and the following are the requirements to score points under the Federal Skilled Worker category:

  1. Age minimum of 18 at the time of applying
  2. Minimum work experience of a year
  3. Skill/work experience should be under the National Occupation list level.
  4. Educational Qualification
  5. Language Proficiency test (IELTS 6 in each reading, writing, listening and speaking which is CLB 7/CELPIP)



You could additionally claim points for your spouse, relatives in Canada, and any job offer from a Canadian employer.


The current minimum point requirement for the Federal Skilled Worker category is 67 points.

In case you score the same and make it through the CRS in the express entry pool there are chances that you would receive an invitation to apply for Canada PR.

It takes about 6 months to process your application to the Federal government after your submission.


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Provincial Nominee Program for IT professionals


  1. Another option for tech professionals is to make it to a particular province of Canada through PNP Canada or Provincial Nominee Program for Canada.
  2. In case you possess the desired skills and work experience and wish to settle in a particular province in Canada then there are PNP programs through which if you are eligible can fulfill the labor market requirement of the province and settle with a Canada PR visa.
  3. Canada PNP is again a point-based system and if you are successfully nominated then you get 600 bonus CRS points which open the gateway for a Canada PR visa.

Requirements for Canada PNP for IT Professionals


Each province has its own requirement criteria set as per the labor market requirements. So, as a tech professional you would have to check the requirements of the province and meet the minimum point requirements set by the province.


There are several PNP programs such as:


  1. Saskatchewan PNP
  2. British Columbia PNP
  3. Manitoba PNP
  4. Ontario PNP
  5. Alberta PNP
  6. Nova Scotia


Quebec Selected Worker Program for IT Professionals


  1. As an IT professional you can also immigrate to the province of Quebec in Canada as a skilled worker.
  2. Quebec has its own rules for choosing Skilled Workers.
  3. If your skillset is under the Quebec AOT list and you also meet requirements such as age, qualification, language proficiency, and IELTS you can apply to obtain a CSQ or Quebec Selection Certificate.
  4. For obtaining a CSQ you would need to score the minimum points required for nomination which is 50 as an individual and 59 along with a spouse.
  5. In case you receive the CSQ then you can apply to IRCC for Canada PR.

Top benefits for IT professionals in Canada


  1. Friendly Immigration Country

Canada is one of the leading countries which have a friendly immigration policy to promote integration. There are several government-funded integration programs to ensure that you get a comfortable transition into the country.

  1. IT professionals Highly in demand

There is definitely no dearth of jobs for IT professionals. Under the global talent stream too launched by the government there are multiple opportunities for the talented.

  1. World-Class Education System

Whether you are looking to enhance your own education or provide top-class education to your children Canada has a top-class education system with competitive tuition costs to ensure overall development.

  1. Healthcare benefits

To ensure the well-being of its permanent residents each province as well as the federal government have healthcare benefits in place to promote your well-being.


  1. A safe, serene, and secure society

With a stable government and a number of immigrants moving each year you get the comfort and security of living in a secure community with harmony among multicultural societies.



So in a nutshell, it cannot be denied that the number of opportunities is many for IT professionals looking for pathways to get Canada PR visas. As long as you possess the right skills and knowledge and have talent there is no stopping you from your dream of immigrating to Canada.


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