I have been refused my student visa for Australia on GTE criteria. Can I reapply my student visa to Australia?

If you have been refused your student visa for Australia based on GTE Criteria and you reapply based on same circumstances then there are very less chances that your Australia student visa would be approved again.  If you do not have any change in your circumstances then it is very unlikely that your application would be approved. GTE is a very important criterion for the successful outcome of your application. If you meet all other conditions but fail to satisfy GTE conditions your study in Australia application will not be successful. Think about reapplying only if you feel that you have got substantive change in your circumstances.
Substantive change in circumstances may include you gaining any new qualification, change in    your economic circumstances or any other event. Now this may not happen in a short time. So it is very necessary that Study in Australia aspirants take care of the GTE aspect very carefully. Be very clear about the information you give with your Study in Australia application. Be very specific about the career outcomes you expect to receive after course completion in Australia. Mention about how your course is relevant to your previous background. Think seriously about the research you have undertaken for your Study Abroad in Australia. The case officer would be looking for the information in your study in Australia application to make assessment about your application GTE Criteria. Your Statement of purpose plays a very important role in this. Do not take your SOP lightly. The quality and content of your statement of purpose matters a lot.
Mention about any personal ties in you may have in your home country which would be a very strong incentive to return to your home country once you complete your study in Australia.
If you fail to satisfy GTE criteria in your first application it is quite difficult that you would be successful in satisfying GTE in your near future subsequent application unless there is a substantive change in circumstances. So the better option may be to look at alternate study abroad destinations.
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