Increased interest in immigrating to Canada amidst Coronavirus Pandemic


Recent research by WES suggests that with economic recession and COVID 19 pandemic the interest of prospective immigrants in moving to Canada has also been affected.

A survey by WES was conducted in June 2020 and earlier in April 2020. Both these surveys reported that respondents have shown increased interested in moving to Canada regardless of the pandemic which accounts for 45 percent in June as compared to earlier reported in April was 38 percent.


WES known for educational credential assessing body gauged the intention and motivation of those planning to immigrate. As per the reports following observations has been made.





  1. Regardless of COVID 19 disrupting the mobility and global economy, both surveys have reported that people planning to immigrate to Canada has been increase and continuously increasing.


  1. Earlier reports had suggested a minute number of approximately 6 percent where the immigrants had decreased interest however the respondents’ later respondent that they were reconsidering their immigration plans and timelines due to pandemic.



  1. Earlier in June around 32 percent had suggested their delay in plans of migrating to Canada while in April it was 35 percent. But it no where suggested any denying that candidates are not willing to move. The reasons could be many.







  1. One of the reasons for candidates planning to immigrate to Canada could be the spirit of the economy.


  1. Survey indicated that respondents have been hopeful about the economic impact in Canada would be less intense as compared to their own country.



  1. The negative impact of jobs as expected in home countries by respondent increased from 47 percent in April to 57 percent in June and has witnessed an ever growing hike in numbers since.


  1. The negative impact of jobs in native countries and growing recession whereas on the other hand the announcement of Canadian government of increased targets of 1.2 million immigrants in the upcoming years has brought a ray of hope among the candidates planning to move to Canada.






  1. Canada has been always been considered a number one option by immigrants planning to move for better prospects.


  1. The announcement by Canadian immigration authorities that they would be increasing the number of immigrants welcomed in the country to 1.2 million in the upcoming three years beginning 2021 would play a vital role in not only increasing the number of skilled workers required to profit the Canadian economy but is also suggestive of the damage control required due to the pandemic situation.



  1. The long term shortage of talent employs and shrinking pool of individuals entering the workforce and decreased fertility rates in provinces such as Quebec all have to be taken care of by inviting more migrants to the country.


  1. So to reenergize the economy, immigrants are suggested to be responsible for the new growth in Canada’s labor force by 100 percent.



  1. This is an indication in the growing number of applicants for Express entry, Quebec Skilled Worker Program and Canada PNP programs for skilled migration.