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India beats all nations in securing Australian PR

India has become a top country for securing Permanent Residency in Australia. In, 2017 it has secured 38,900 Australian PR which is highest for any nation in the world.  In the past two decades, India and China have emerged out as the top two countries for immigrants securing PR in Australia. Here are the top ten nationalities that secured Australia PRs in 2017:

Indians – 38, 900

Chinese (PRC) – 28, 300

UK nationals– 17, 000

Philippines citizens – 12, 200

Pakistanis – 6, 600

Vietnamese – 5, 500

South Africans – 4, 600

Nepalese – 4, 300

Malaysians – 4, 000

Ireland nationals– 3, 900

India, China and UK are three nations from where majority of people had got Australia PR. Australia PR migration has tilted in favor of skilled immigrants from family class migrants since 19976 onwards. The reason behind this is that Australian Authorities are making efforts to match the migration with the requirements of the Australian labor market. In the meantime, temporary migration to the country has also enhanced drastically in the past 2 decades.

There are basically two routes to enter Australia– Student Visa and 457 Visas as quoted by the Guardian. The percentage of international students reaching in Australia has boosted thrice from1996 when it was 113,000 to reach 340,000 in 2017, as quoted by the Guardian.

The economic and social fabric of Australia is majorly outlined by migration, The Productivity Commission of Australia mentioned in its report in 2016.  Seeing figures and projections it has been estimated that the population of Australia would reach Forty million in 2050. It is beyond all doubts that Australia is a country of migration said the professor At Sydney University of Technology Jock Collins.

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