Is German mandatory to study in Germany?

While studying in Germany is a lucrative option for student one of the common queries is related to the language of instruction in Germany or is Germany mandatory to study in Germany? Going forward we would be elaborating on the same and discussing few more questions related to study in Germany.

Why should Indian students choose to study in Germany?

Germany has among the highest ranking universities in the world and formal education from the country is recognized globally. Further, one has the option of studying in Germany for free as the German public universities do not charge tuition cost. Additionally, strong emphasis on apprenticeship and hands on involvement, research facilities makes studying in Germany without a doubt a meaningful opportunity. Moreover, Germany is rich with culture and offers international students an opportunity to form a different perspective while studying in Germany.

 What is ‘Studienkolleg’?

For Indian students planning to opt for Bachelor’s program in Germany it is a one year preparatory course to join universities. Due to the difference in school system of Germany being 13 years and India having 12 years, this course prepares students for degree programs. For the same students must have cleared their 10+2 in India with a good academic score and alongside knowing German language can be beneficial.

On obtaining a passing score students are qualified to enter the German University of their choice.

Can I study in Germany in English or is German Mandatory?

While there are several courses taught in Germany in English language and German is not mandatory to study in Germany one must consult Germany study consultant in Chandigarh, West Highlander for complete information. One must look into the universities and program one is planning to enroll in and check whether it has German or English language requirement. A student must know either English or German at a proficient level to understand the university coursework. However, to support your lifestyle outside the university campus and ease of access it is best to have working knowledge of German language.

Is it mandatory to clear IELTS/TOEFL exam for study in Germany?

For International applicants in order to study in Germany you need to give an English language proficiency exam for studying a course taught in English. In case of applying for Master in Germany program and your bachelor was completed with medium of instruction as English you do not need TOEFL/IELTS. Also native speakers of English do not require to give the language proficiency exam either.

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