Job Seeker visa for Germany

Germany is one of the developed economies in the world. Skilled professionals can find number of opportunities to work in Germany. Germany job seeker visa is one of the visa categories. The Germany Job seeker Visa is a program by the German Federal Government to support qualified, skilled immigrants, to enter into the country, find a job of their choice, and settle to work for the long-term.  This visa lets a skilled worker enter Germany. He can enter the country, travel anywhere, and look for a job at a local level. Germany job seeker visa has lots of benefits with easy requirements for the program. Following are some of the common queries answered by expert and experienced Germany job seeker visa consultant

Query 1 – What this visa lets you do?

Answer   As the name suggests this visa lets you enter Germany to find a job. Qualified, skilled immigrants enter Germany after successfully getting the visa and then find a job of their choice and for which they qualify and then settle to work in the long-term.

Query 2 – Do I need a job offer to apply for this visa?

Answer No you do not need a job offer to apply for this visa. As the name of the visa suggests it is a job seeker visa. You get a visa to search for a job in Germany. This is the biggest benefit of this visa category of Germany.

Query 3 – What is the duration of Germany job seeker visa?

Answer The duration of this visa is of 6 months. This means that you have a time of 6 months to find a job once you enter Germany on this visa.

Query 4- What is the Eligibility to apply for Germany job seeker visa?

Answer To qualify for Germany job seeker visa you need to meet the following conditions. Applicants must keep in mind that they need to meet all the conditions to qualify for this visa

Requirement 1 German equivalent Bachelors or a Master’s

This is the first and foremost requirements. You must be a skilled immigrant. For this you need to have a qualification which is equivalent to a German qualification at a Bachelors level or a Masters Level.

Requirement 2 For Germany job seeker visa Work experience

This is another important requirement. You must have work experience which may help qualify you as a skilled immigrant. At least 3 years of work experience is desirable for the successful outcome of the Visa application. There are of course other factors which play a role in deciding the Germany job seeker visa application.

Requirement 3 Accommodation in Germany

This is thirds requirement which you must meet in order to satisfy the case officer. You must have a place to live in Germany when to travel on a job seeker visa. This is very important. If you do not attach evidence of the accommodation with your application then there are high chances that the outcome of your visa application could be negative. If you have any friends or relatives in Germany then you may attach a letter of support for accommodation from them. This is a formal obligation letter from your sponsor in Germany. You may not have any relatives or friends in Germany then you need to arrange the accommodation and attach evidence of the same with your Germany Job seeker visa application.

Requirement 4 For Germany job seeker visa -Funds for stay

Another very important condition the applicants must meet. You need to have sufficient funds for your stay while in Germany. Now this visa lets to find a job which means that you do not have a job offer. You do not have work when to enter Germany on this visa. Hence you need to show that you have enough funds to support your living while in Germany. Failure to meet this requirement may have negative impact on your application. Applicants need to have about 4 to 5 lakh of funds for their cost of living in Germany.

Requirement 5 Medical insurance

To have medical insurance is mandatory to apply for the visa.

Above are the requirements the applicants must fulfil. Applicants must attach documentation which proves that you fulfil the conditions to apply for Germany job seeker visa. For this you may be required to have your qualification assessed as a German equivalent qualification. The best Germany job seeker visa consultant can guide you about the documentation.

Requirement 6 detailed Cover letter

Applicants need to attach a detailed cover letter with their application. In this they must mention things like their purpose to visit Germany what are your plans to find the employment, what research you have done to find a job in Germany and what would be your second plan in case you are not successful in finding a job in Germany.

Requirement 7 CV of the applicant

Applicants also need to provide a detailed CV along with their application.

Query 5 what is the process to apply for this Germany job seeker visa

Answer   Following is the process the applicants would need to follow

Step 1 in process of Germany job seeker visa -Gather documents

The first and foremost step is to gather the documentation. The documentation required is as explained above. Attach your qualification certificates and evidence that your qualification is equivalent to a German degree. Attach bank statements, accommodation letter from Germany. In support of your work experience you may attach experience letters, salary slips, bank statements where your salary is credited, income tax statements and other applicable documentation.

Please note that this may not be an exhaustive list. Consult with an experienced Germany job seeker visa consultant for a complete checklist of documentation to support your application.

Step 2 Complete the application

Completing the application package is the second step. Along with the above stated documents, fill in the application form completely and correctly. Attach with the application the demand draft of the visa fee for Germany job seeker visa.

Step 3 Book an appointment

After you have gathered the documentation and completed the application forms applicants need to book an appointment with the German embassy. Depending on your place of residence you may book an appointment in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai or other available locations

Step 4 Submit application

The last step is to submit the application.

Accurate and correct filling of applications forms as well as the documentation is very crucial for the success of your Germany job seeker visa application. So be very specific about the paperwork supporting your visa application.

Query 6 what is the process to settle after I get a job in Germany?

Answer Germany job seeker visa is an excellent visa category who would like to go to Germany to search for a job. This may also lead to settling permanently in Germany once you are able to secure a job.

Applicants may extend their visa on finding a job in Germany and once they complete 5 years on employment permit they can apply for PR. Applicants must note that there are certain other requirements that are to be met in order to qualify for this. Applicants need to check the current visa policy for the same.