Letter of motivation for Germany study visa

Letter of motivation for Germany study visa

While planning to apply for Germany study visa your Letter of motivation is an important component. Your motivation letter would be assessed by immigration officer and is a deciding factor for study abroad. In case the officer finds that your study goals are beneficial to Germany and home country then the chances of success with your Germany study visa application.

A letter of motivation requires thorough research and lot of efforts must be put in to refine your motivation letter. The content of your motivation letter as suggested by the name needs to explain clear intentions of the reasons for choosing a course, country, university and the scope of the course in future career aspects. Your letter of motivation for Germany study visa should address all the issues and be in right format. The main body of the letter should have-Introduction, body and conclusion.

Going forward, you will find comprehensive details of what each of these sections should include.

  1. Introduction

The introduction should cover certain aspects:

  1. What makes Germany unique as compared to other countries?
  2. What are your reasons for choosing to study in Germany?

While answering these questions one should cover how Germany is set apart from other equally progressed nations. For this one can state the achievements and advancement the country has to offer. The country has fourth largest economy, third largest exporter and importer and strongest energy efficient economy.

For explaining your reasons for studying in Germany one can talk about the dual teaching strategies adopted, low cost and zero tuition cost as offered by the German government, several scholarships, safety to international students and the perk of learning German language. One can elaborate on all these factors and additionally talk about others if any.

  1. Body

The body of your motivation letter should address:

  1. Reasons of studying at the university
  2. Reasons for the choice of study program

For answering the reasons for studying at the university one can focus on the international standards of the university, internship opportunities, coursework, infrastructure, faculty and benchmarks set by the university. For answering the reasons for choosing study program one can cover the advantages and benefits you see as the outcome of the course.  You could also cover your previous interests which align with the current course you are opting for. Ensure you provide details on how the program you are opting for has an edge over other programs in various universities. You could also discuss the expertise and skills which the program requires and is going to offer as a result. Further, one can outline some career prospects that would be available to you after completing your studies.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion should cover:

  1. Clarify any inconsistencies in your application
  2. Address Your Future Plans

In case one is resuming studies after certain gap, going for a program unrelated to previous study program, having a low academic profile, or opting for a second master’s or bachelor’s degree one should provide the correct statements verifying the same.

It is important to state your future plans, goals and aspirations after completing your studies. One should cover how their international studies would aid the development of their home country and benefit Germany.

Tips for Letter of Motivation for Germany Study Visa

Here are some tips for writing a good letter of motivation for Germany Study Visa:

  1. Start off with a broad statement of purpose, your introduction, why you are qualified for the course work. Do not explain your CV.
  2. Use neutral writing style and steady professional language.
  3. Cover aspects which the university requires-course and university.
  4. Input your personal details in the right place and as per your application. Ensure you add your goals, motivation and driving factors for the coursework you are opting for.
  5. Do not boast about yourself.
  6. Check the text for errors such as grammar, flow, coherence and language.
  7. Do not copy of the internet.
  8. While ending summarize what you have covered so far.
  9. Proofread the content and check for plagiarism.
  10. Revise till you believe the Letter of motivations is up to the standards. The length of the letter should be within 2 pages.

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