New Zealand student dependent work visa requirements

One of the major attractions of study in New Zealand is the dependent spouse and children can apply for dependent visa.

As per the policy of New Zealand applicants who wish to study in New Zealand may support visitor visa or work visa of their dependent spouses.

In order for your spouse to qualify to apply for a New Zealand dependent spouse visa there are 2 main requirements which must be met

Requirements for NZ student dependent work visa

  • The first being the level of the course you wish to study in New Zealand
  • The second one being the relationship requirements which both of you must meet in order to get a New Zealand dependent work visa based on your New Zealand study visa status.

Level of the course requirement in New Zealand

In New Zealand the qualifications are divided into different framework of NZQF that is New Zealand qualification framework. The qualifications are from Level 1 to level 10 of NZQF.

Your dependent spouse may be eligible to apply for work visa if you are doing the following course

  • PhD IN New Zealand which is at Level 10 of New Zealand qualification framework
  • Masters in New Zealand which is at level 9 of NZQF
  • A qualification at a level 7 or a Level 8 at New Zealand qualification framework which comes under Long term Skills Shortage list

If you are enrolled in any of the above courses only then your spouse may apply for New Zealand partner work visa. Other than above qualification you may support visitor visa for your dependent spouse.

Relationship requirements to apply for New Zealand student dependent work visa

Applicants also need to meet certain relationship requirements for the successful outcome of their application.

The case officer in order to grant you a New Zealand partner visa must be satisfied that you are in a genuine relationship and that you have entered into this relationship to maintain it on a long term and exclusive basis.

Along with this the case officer assessing your New Zealand student dependent visa application must be also satisfied that you have been living together in a stable relationship

Applicants must also satisfy the case officer that their relationship is publically and socially recognised.

Another important aspect which is important for successful outcome of your New Zealand student dependent visa application is that you must have evidence of financial interdependence.

It is only if you satisfy these conditions that you may be granted a New Zealand dependent work visa based on the student visa status of your partner in New Zealand.

Other than this there are other requirements you must meet as a part of your application process

  • You must have a good character
  • You must not have been banned from any country
  • You must be medically fit
  • You must not provide any misleading information with your application
  • You must also have enough funds to support yourself while in New Zealand

The documents which may satisfy these requirements are

  • Your Police Clearance certificate
  • Your medical examination certificate
  • Bank statement in your or your partners name with an amount of New Zealand dollars 4200

If you have any refusals from any country it is very important that you declare all the information. If you fail to do so it may have serious impact on your application. One of the primary requirements of applying visa for New Zealand is to be truthful in your statements. So declare all the immigration history you may have.