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New Zealand Visa Dependent of a Student / SPOUSE VISA

Reasons Behind Spouse Visa Refusal New Zealand

Recently there has been a spurt of refusals of New Zealand spouse visa cases in North Indian market.  The main reason which has come into light is taking unlicensed immigration advice. As per the law of New Zealand, any person who gives immigration advice needs to be licensed by immigration adviser authority, New Zealand. This means that a person who is licensed by immigration adviser authority can only` apply spouse cases. What, infact has come to light is that unlicensed people are preparing spouse visa files and are not declaring  to the embassy that they have prepared the spouse file and submit the file in the name of the applicant . As a result the spouse visa applications for New Zealand are being refused by embassy on character grounds / providing false information.

  The person who intends to join his spouse in New Zealand can apply as a dependent of a student visa holder for a work visa or a visitor visa.

If your partner wants to join you in New Zealand, while you are in New Zealand on study visa then your partner/spouse may be eligible for a work visa or a tourist/ visitor visa depending on the level of course you are studying. It is mandatory that you apply your spouse visa application through licensed immigration adviser/lawyer only . To be eligible to be granted a spouse visa  you need to satisfy the immigration/visa officer that you and your spouse are living together in a genuine and stable relationship, and the relationship has been entered into with the intention of a long term commitment.

Requirements to Apply for Spouse Visa/ Visa Dependent of a Student

Applying for New Zealand Visa dependent of a student/ work visa/ dependent visa, you would be required to meet certain criteria, which is:-

  • You must be living with your partner
  • You must meet the character and health requirements
  • You must have the support of your partner
  • Your partner should be eligible to support your application
  • You must have a stable and genuine relationship with your partner

You need to provide documentary evidence with your application that you meet the above requirements. Documentary evidence is not limited to providing marriage certificate or  chat history to show that you have been in touch with your spouse. The onus is on you to satisfy the visa officer that you are in a genuine relationship which is a major aspect for application being successful.

You work or visitor visa duration depends on the duration of the student visa of your spouse.

How West Highlander can help you?

West Highlander is an immigration and study abroad consultancy based in Chandigarh offering sound advice and services to students who are aiming to study abroad. The director of West Highlander Mrs Parwinder Kaur is a full licensed adviser licensed by Immigration adviser authority, New Zealand and is authorized to represent and file spouse visa application with new Zealand embassy. We have successfully got visas for spouse cases who had previously been refused reasons being relating to relationship, insufficient documentary evidence in support of application.   We have years of experience in the field and can provide you with sound advice.  The visa possibilities totally depend upon the individual circumstances. We take the time to understand your visa requirements and investigate how your visa got rejected in case of refusals.  There is always an opportunity to lodge your visa again based on your eligibility.  Based on the reasons of your visa rejection and your individual requirements, we will provide you expert advice.

 If your spouse visa application have been recently refused or your spouse is in New Zealand on student visa and you would like to join him/her on tourist or work visa , we are licensed as per New Zealand law to provide you with immigration advice.  We will provide you expert advice and help you solve your problems. We are the best study in New Zealand visa consultants in Chandigarh.  To know more, contact us now!