Now apply under MLTSSL through Direct Entry Stream under Employer Sponsorships

Australian Immigration has made some changes to the permanent employer sponsored skilled visa programs from March 2018. The MLTSSL can be applied through Direct Entry Stream for both the ENS and the RSMS, with additional occupations available through the RSMS to support regional employers. As per the new norms, Employer has to pay the Australian market salary rate and must meet the Temporary skilled Migration Income Threshold which is set at $53,900 as of 12 April 2016.

The minimum period to move permanent residence will be extended from two to three years. For specific occupation, a minimum three years of experience will be needed. When it comes to the age, the minimum age of the candidate should be below 45 years old at the time of lodging application. Employers who are nominating a worker for an ENS or RSMS visa are required to pay a contribution to the skilling Australians Fund. The contribution will be:

  • Payable in full at the time the worker is nominated
  • People who have annual turnover is less than $10 million are required to have $3,000 for small businesses and $5,000 for other businesses.

People who have or had applied for a subclass 457 visa on 18 April 2017 could be able to access specific provisions under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream.

Requirements related to occupation will be remain same such as the worker can continue his work in the same position for longer for the same employer as approved for their subclass 457 visa.

The age criteria will also be same which must be less then 50years old and the work experience requirement to have worked at least two out of the three years before getting nomination on a subclass 457 will also remain for two years.

In order to ensure that all Australian visa holders who are working in the country are paying their taxes, the Australian Taxation office will investigate their all the records. There are around over 20 million immigrants working in the country. Australian authority will audit their personal and financial details of the next three years.

The Australian Taxation office may ask migration agents to involve in the process because they assist immigrants to move to the Australia. The information including address history of visa applicants and their sponsors all their arrivals and departures in the country and details of their education provider if they are studying in Australia on student visa will be gathered.

Collection of TFNs under 457 program

ATO will initiate collection Tax File Number (TFNs) of businesses who have sponsored employer on 457 visas

The motive of verifying all the documents is to prevent fraudulent acts such to nab fraudulent sponsoring employers who don’t meet their requirements as sponsors. The implementation was set to happen before 31 December 2017, however will now happen among February to March 2018. As per the department, the step will lessen employee abuse under the 457 visa program.