Nutrition Courses in Canada-Scope, Requirements, Fees and College

Scope of Nutrition Diploma Courses in Canada

People these days are becoming health conscious. They have started to seriously understand the impact of their eating habits and life style on their overall wellbeing. Hence they seek the advice of professionals to better their eating habits and lifestyles which has made the diet and nutrition industry grows. The demand for nutritionist in Canada is growing. This makes the career in nutrition industry very attractive.

On an average a nutritionist salary in Canada can start from $25000 to $30000 annually. It may increase depending on the experience you may have

If you are considering applying for Canada PR after completion of study in Canada then the nutritionist NOC 3132.

Requirements for Nutrition Diploma Courses in Canada

Following are the requirements for nutrition diploma courses in Canada. The students need to fulfil the admission requirements as well as visa requirements for their Study in Canada. Students must take the services of the best Canada study visa consultant in order to increase the chance of their Canada student visa application.

  1. An applicant applying for diploma courses in Canada after 12th must have cleared the course as one of the subjects with good score. Transcripts and mark sheets are required.
  2. Students need to have acceptable level of English language which may be in the form of a IELTS score or any other test acceptable by the IRCC. IELTS or language proficiency of minimum 6 or equivalent PTE/TOEFL scores would be required.
  3. Student must have funds to pay for their tuition fees and support their living cost in Canada. The students can show this by paying the tuition fee for first year of study, Paying Cost of living in form of GIC for first year of living in Canada and attaching bank statements with sufficient funds for any further years of their study in Canada
  4. GIC of 10,000 CAD is an excellent way to show that you have funds readily available for your cost of living while on Canada student visa.

Nutrition Diploma Courses in Canada

Students may choose to do Diploma, Associate degree or a Bachelors program for their study in Canada. Students who are graduate may opt for Graduate certificate

  • Following are the courses
  • Diploma in Nutrition and food services management
  • Diploma in Culinary management- nutrition
  • Diploma Nutrition and healthy lifestyle promotion
  • Associate degree of science degree in food and nutrition
  • Bachelors in applied human nutrition
  • Graduate certificate in food and nutrition management

Best Colleges for Nutrition Diploma Courses in Canada

  • Centennial
  • Conestoga
  • Fleming
  • George brown
  • Georgian
  • Humber
  • Seneca
  • Sault

Career Opportunities for Nutritionists in Canada

  1. The applicants can work in range of settings like
  2. Food and nutrition departments in hospitals,
  3. Long term care homes,
  4. Retirement homes,
  5. Correctional facilities,
  6. Educational institutions
  7. Community food service providers,
  8. Restaurants,
  9. Food production companies

The job designations may be

  1. Food and Nutrition Manager
  2. Food Service Supervisor
  3. Quality Risk Management Coordinator
  4. Patient Service Supervisor
  5. Meal Program Coordinator
  6. Retail Food Service Supervisor
  7. Catering Manager

Fees for Nutrition Diploma Courses in Canada

Different colleges and universities may have different fee so the tuition fees may vary depending upon the choice of your college or university. A diploma or PG diploma course from a prominent institute can cost you starting in the range of $17, 000.