Permanent Residency by Investment in Canada 2021

Canada has numerous opportunities for Indians who wish to do business in Canada. Each year thousands of aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs apply for PR by investment in Canada. Certainly, you can apply for Permanent Residency by Investment in Canada 2021.

Canada has a very vibrant and multicultural society welcome immigrants for PR under various program. Immigration authority in Canada supports and has friendly immigration policies. Other than express entry, provincial nominee program and PR program to Quebec one can certainly plan to apply for permanent residency by investment in Canada 2021.

The purpose of the Business Immigration Program is to promote investment and employment in Canada through the migration of people who have the talent to successfully establish or invest in a business in Canada. If you are a businessman or have a managerial experience and have a high net worth you could apply for a Canada business migration visa.

Canada Business Migration

Is a program that helps in creating employment opportunities and contribute towards the Canadian economy. Entrepreneurs with desired talent and investment can apply for business immigration stream. Successful applicants who meet the requirements as stated by their Canada business investment consultant in Chandigarh can open a business in Canada and also get permanent residency status in the country.

Requirements for Entrepreneurs for PR by Investment in Canada 2021

To qualify for the Canada business migration 2021, applicants must:

  1. Should be able to establish, purchase or make substantial investment in a business in Canada within 2 years of landing in Canada this can result in a significant contribution to the economy.
  2. They should be engaged actively and ongoing activities in the management and running of the business.
  3. Further, they should be able to create employment opportunities for others.

For ensuring that these conditions are met, entrepreneurs are required to regularly report to their immigration officials of the progress within 2 years period.

Canada PR by Investment 2021 Programs

There are several Canada Business Migration Programs as PR by Investment in Canada 2021 as following:

  1. Manitoba-For investment and applying for Canada PR in 2021 to Manitoba one needs to have a minimum investment of $250,000, networth of $500,000 & have 3 years of work experience as business owner/manager.
  2. Saskatchewan-For investing in Saskatchewan you need a net worth of $500,000, 3 years of business management or entrepreneurial experience, invest $300,000 in Regina & Saskatoon area (in all other communities you need only $200,000)
  3. Nova Scotia– For investing in Nova Scotia you need a net worth of $600,000, $150,000 minimum investment, 3 years of work experience as business owner/manager.
  4. Ontario– For investing in Ontario you need a net worth of $800,000 (outside Greater Toronto Area only $400,000), minimum investment of $600,000 (outside Greater Toronto Area is only $200,000) and you must be able to create 2 full time positions (If outside Greater Toronto Area than only 1 full time position needs to be created). In case the proposed business investment is in ICT/ Digital Communications Sector than you need to have a net worth of minimum $400,000 and investment of $200,000.

Why Seeking Professional Immigration Help is Essential?

By getting assistance of your Canada Business Investment consultant for business investment visa has a lot of advantages. You do not need to meet the language proficiency requirements as other immigration programs require in French or English.  Further, in some cases, as an applicant for business immigration, your PR status in Canada is unconditional which means you do not need to meet harsh terms and condition as other immigration programs. You need the assistance of a professional immigration expert who can represent your case and application carefully. This can be done by taking assistance of a legal expert who has experience of the program requirement and understand each businessperson’s unique situation.

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