PhD Fees in Canada for International Students

PhD, Doctorate of Philosophy is a long-term course and it is the highest degree in academics that has its own perks. The degree is often completed in 4-5 years. Indian students often want to pursue this degree abroad, especially in Canada because of the benefits they get after its competition. The desire of following their dreams by pursuing the highest academic degree, a country could offer leads to a successful career and endless number of opportunities and career options. It may seem a long span of time but the outcomes are numerous.

This article has all the information one needs to know while looking at the Doctorate of Philosophy Courses at top universities in Canada, from next intake application dates to fees. It covers everything that Indian students may want to know when they are finding the best PhD courses at the universities in Canada. West Highlander is here to help you out with all the queries you might have about studying in Canada.

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Here is a list of the fees of PhD by various universities in Canada

PhD, Doctorate of Philosophy, is often frowned upon due to its long duration, but it is the highest academic degree. Many universities in Canada offer thesis-based program in this particular area. Indian students often step back from applying to Canadian universities because they are unfamiliar with the fee structure or think it will be too expensive for them. We have done thorough research in this particular field and collected informative data in order to provide you with the universities and their fee structures for certain PhD programs.

The University of Toronto is a renowned university that offers a number of PhD programs for international students. The university claims that its graduate programs give individuals the tools they need to excel in every industry. It has more than 70 professional graduate programs. Indian students who want to study in Canada by pursuing PhD programs can apply to this university.

  • IELTS Score: 7.5 overall bands
  • Fees: CAD $10,000 Approx.
  • Campus: Ontario

The University of Saskatchewan is another university that offers various PhD programs in Applied Computing, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, Geography, History, Health Sciences and Electric Engineering etc. The expected length of the programs is 4 years, and the university promises to use a number of research methods, which include qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Indian students who want to pursue a PhD in Canada can apply to this university in order to get great help from the faculty to excel in their career.

  • IELTS Score:7-7.5 overall bands
  • Fees: CAD $5,000 per year (Approx.)
  • Campus: Saskatchewan

The University of Alberta offers a lot of PhD programs like Mechanical Engineering, Nursing, History and Classics, Medical Genetics, Pharmacology, Surgery, Public health, Psychiatry and many more. It will be a great pick for those who want to study in Canada and pursue PhD courses.

  • IELTS Score:7.5 overall bands
  • Fees: CAD $8,700 per year (Approx.)
  • Campus: Edmonton

McGill University offers a PhD program in Information Studies that allows research students to learn information Studies at a deeper level. The university tends to encourage critical thinking and research in order to advance your theoretical and pragmatic pursuits.

  • IELTS Score:7.5 overall bands
  • Fees: CAD $9,500 per year (Approx.)
  • Applications Intake: January, June
  • Campus: Saskatchewan

The University of Ottawa also provides several PhD programs for Indian students in Criminology, Philosophy, Spanish, Political Science and many more. The main aim of the university is to prepare students for a professional career.

  • IELTS Score:7.5 overall bands
  • Fees: CAD $9,000 per year (Approx.)
  • Campus: Ontario

These abovementioned universities are some of the best universities in Canada that offers PhD programs. The details of the fee structure are also mentioned, along with other requirements for admission.