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Recommendation for studying in Australia – Making the process streamlined

Almost everyone wants to have a good and quality education for himself to lead a great life. Without education life becomes hell. To know your right, you will have to educate yourself and this can only be possible by study hard.  Study abroad can be a wise decision to make your future brighter and know new things happening in the world. If you are planning to study abroad, Australia is one such country where thousands of international students come to study.

Australia’s education industry is largest one with an income of AUD 16.4billion. The sector continues to grow day-by-day.

These are then key recommendations which can make the process of securing an Australian study visa easier and faster.

Genuine temporary entrant criteria

The Australian government has made criteria easy to migrate Australia with a student visa. The criterion doesn’t add to visa application or documentary evidence requirements but will enable DIAC to better assess if an applicant’s main goal is to stay in Australia to study with TR. This new criterion should be the first to be considered in assessing any application for a student visa.

The advantage of this new criterion is that it makes possible other changes to the Australian immigration process for students like streamlined visa process and the reduction of financial requirements

 Diminishing the financial needs for student visa applicants

The idea to diminish financial requirements is specifically beneficial for students in the higher assessment levels as it reduces their financial requirements by as much as AUD36000. As per the new rules, you need to show the evidence of 24 months’ funds, whereas earlier applicant had to show the funds of 36 months.

Streamlined Visa Processing

Australian authority has introduced streamlined visa process for overseas students to get enrolled in graduate or any higher degree courses. The process reduces the visa processing time so that student can join institute of his or her choice on time.

Post-study work visa

This visa allows students to work in the country on a temporary basis after they finish studies.  It has two streams– Graduate work stream and the Post-Study Work stream.

Under Graduate Work stream, an international student with certain skills and qualification can work generally for 18months. And Post study work stream provides you an option to work in Australia for minimum two years and maximum four years but it depends upon your highest qualification.

Higher degree for research students

Students who are planning for international higher degree such as research, the visa allows them to access a three or four year post-study work visa and also provides them unlimited work rights during study.

What improvements have done so far?

Australian Immigration has revoked the automatic and mandatory cancellation provisions of student visas. The decision can provide a fairer outcome for overseas students by allowing DIAC decision makers to take individual circumstances into account when considering whether or not a student visa should be cancelled.

If you want to have a world-class international study experience in safe and friendly environment with a healthy outdoors lifestyle, don’t forget to add Australia to your list.