Relevant course requirement for New Zealand study visa

If you are a student who is looking forward to study in New Zealand then there are certain requirements you must meet as an international student. One of the main requirements is choosing a relevant course which shows a clear and logical academic or work experience progression.

The first and foremost step for your New Zealand study visa application is about choosing a relevant course.  This is one of the very important requirements the students must meet as explained above.

Why choosing a relevant course is one of the very important factors for the success of air NZ study visa application?

As per the policy the students need to satisfy the case officer that they are a genuine student for New Zealand and their only purpose to apply for New Zealand study visa is to study in New Zealand.

Choosing a course which is a logical progression of their past Academics or any work experience they may have is a very strong indicator that the student is serious about his studies. If you choose a course which is not relevant to your present profile and that is not a logical progression of your academic studies or any work experience you may hold then the case officer may have doubt about your seriousness of your study in New Zealand. If the case officer doubts that you are not a serious person whose intention to go to New Zealand to study, it may give a strong indication of you not being a genuine student.

Serious student would have done research about his further study in NZ .student would choose a course which fits into his academic pathway. If you have spent so many years of studies in your home country then choosing a course which is a logical progression of that study is an indication of your being serious student which may further indicate that you are a genuine student. There are of course other requirements you must meet like having  English language ability to successfully complete your study in New Zealand, having the required amount of funds for NZ student visa as well as the family income evidence to support your application for New Zealand student visa. If you meet all other requirements but the case officer is not satisfied with the selection of your propose course for study in NZ then it may have serious impact on your application

Examples of relevant course

Let’s say that you are a student who has done his graduation. You have done Bsc medical and now   look forward for study in New Zealand. The relevant course would be a course which is related to a Science stream. There are many courses in New Zealand which the students can opt after doing Bsc in medical

These courses are at Graduate Level, post graduate level and Masters Level.

Examples of the courses are

  • Graduate diploma in infection management
  • Graduate Diploma in Environmental studies
  • Graduate diploma in Laboratory technician to name a few

Now let’s say that your academic education is the same that is you have done your BSc in medical and along with having this academic qualification you have got work experience of 2 years as a marketing executive. The students may choose a course which is relevant to the work experience.

Profile Bsc medical with 2 years experience as marketing executive

With this profile they might opt for

  • Graduate diploma in marketing
  • Graduate diploma in business
  • Graduate diploma in business management
  • Post graduate diploma in business management
  • Masters of Business Administration to name a few