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How to Save Costs While Studying in Australia?

Why Study in Australia?

Australia is one of the sought after destinations for the students all around the world to pursue education.  Australia has best seven universities in the world.  It is also one of the best cities to live based on lifestyle, affordability and career prospects.  Students who are planning to study in Australia can take benefit of various scholarships programs as well as other benefits.  We have shared several tips that can help you save money for your time abroad.

Tips to Save Money while Studying in Australia 

  1. Calculate expenses: – The first and foremost step is to make a note of the things you will be required to pay for in Australia. Include all the expenses in it, such as visa expenses, course applications, flights, rental payments, living expenses such as rent, food and phone bills. Cost of going out will also be considered. Travelling costs around Australia must also be included if you want to explore the country.
  2. High Interest Savings Account: – The thumb rule to start saving during your planning period is to open a high interest savings account. You will earn more interest in the long term if you already have saved up little money.  However, the downside of opening a high interest savings account is that some banks will only pay interest if they do not make withdrawal.  This is the best way to earn more interest in the long term.
  3. Consider part time job: – Taking up a part time job in Australia is the best option available to aid your living expenses in Australia.   You may find work in restaurants, stores, or offices. Working on a part time basis will help you learn something good, without putting a negative impact on your studies.
  4. Reduce cost of rent: – One of the greatest expenses that you will come across while studying in Australia is rent. If you want to save on money in rent costs, then try living in accommodation provided by the University.  Living in university accommodation is cheaper than other options and also gives you an opportunity to meet new people and make friends.  You can also save costs by preparing your own dinners and lunches rather than buying food from the university campus.
  5. Consider medical insurance: – You must consider investing in a medical insurance because if you fall ill, it will cost you time and money. Though it is mandatory to get your health check up done when you are travelling to foreign country, but still care should be taken that you invest in a medical insurance so that you can avoid paying hefty hospital bills.
  6. Choose cities to study smartly: – Sydney, Perth and Melbourne are among the most expensive cities in Australia. On the other hand, Gold Coast and Adelaide are traditionally cheapest cities to study in Australia.  Lot of consideration should be given to this step, because it will affect your budget greatly.  Consider if you want to stay in rural or city settings or want to spend all your free time chilling along beach.
  7. Look for airline discounts: – Saving on airline tickets or airfares is another good option to save on some money.  There are numerous websites present over the internet that provides airfare discounts.  You can also refer to travel agents to get air tickets at discounted prices.  When you are searching for travel agents or websites, do not feel tempted to purchase tickets from the first vendor you come across. But compare prices from various vendors to ensure you are able to get good discount.
  8. Scholarships: – Students can apply for scholarships through a scholarship provider. Students can avail various Australian scholarships such as Australian Awards, International Postgraduate Research Scholarships and Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship.  Students of all nationalities can apply for scholarships provided if you meet scholarship requirements or are eligible to apply for the scholarships.  To know if you are eligible for the scholarship, you can contact the concerned authorities.
  9. Look for holiday courses: – Though students studying in Australia are permitted to work for 20 hours per week, but this does not help them meet their expenses. To save costs, students can look for holiday courses.  Students are permitted to work for 40 hours in holidays, so this will help them make some money.  Since, holidays are for a period in Australia, therefore, ask your education agent about the holiday courses.
  10. Save on Entertainment and travel: – To save money spent on entertainment and travelling, you can opt for free entertainment in the form of DVD’s, books, novels and comics available in the campus library. You can also use your free gym membership or indulge in free sports activities to keep yourself occupied, fit and healthy.

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