Reasons That Can Lead to Australia Study Visa Refusal

You have applied for Australia study visa, but unfortunately, your student visa may get rejected due to some cases.  The reasons of visa refusal may vary from visa to visa for different reasons.  Many factors come into foreplay that leads to student visa being refused.  In the year 2015, 28000 students were refused a visa.  This is because of fraudulent student visa applications, dodgy education agents, and bogus colleges. The experts of West Highlander are going to share several that can lead to Australia study visa refusal.  We highly recommend taking advice from the experienced consultants who can process your student visa application the right way and reduce your chances of visa refusal.

Not able to prove claims

 Your study in Australia visa may get rejected if you do not have enough information to prove the claims that you have mentioned in your visa application.  If you are making claims, you must provide sufficient information to prove the claims in the application.

Incorrect Information

 Your visa application is obviously going to reject, if the information provided in the visa application is not correct.  This can also include false statements made in the application.  One should always provide correct and accurate information.

Health and Character Concerns

When applying for Australia study visa, one must be in good health and possess good character.  If your visa application does not meet Australian health or character requirements, then your visa application may get rejected.

Insufficient Funds

 You must also provide proofs that you have sufficient funds. Insufficient funds in the bank account of the applicant or lacking the required amount of funds to study and live in Australia is another major reason of visa refusal. When you apply for study visa Australia, you must possess enough funds to live and study in Australia.

Interview Rejection

Sometimes the interview session with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection also results in visa refusal. This is because the student, who appeared for the interview, did not answer the questions honestly and was not able to produce satisfactory answers for the reasons of stay in Australia.  It is essential when you appear for an interview; you answer all the questions honestly and accurately.

All these visa pitfalls can definitely lead to Australia student visa refusal.  It is essential that you take advice from a genuine and qualified consultant who can guide you properly.  The experts of West Highlander highly recommend seeking advice from licensed Australia visa consultant to enhance the chances of visa success.