Spouse visa for Canada from India 2021: Requirements, Cost & Processing Time


Canada is one of the top choices in preferred destinations among immigrants planning to immigrate. Canada is among the top ranks of ‘livability index’ which means maximum people find Canada offers all the benefits. Firstly, there are numerous jobs for skilled talents. Secondly, one gets global exposure and benefits of top quality education facility. Thirdly, you get numerous rights and facilities by immigration friendly policies of Canada. With growing spouse applications processing in the last year the expected numbers of spouse visa applications processing successfully in the year is going to increase. With the Canadian immigration authorities planning to bring families together spouse visa for Canada from India 2021 is a common enquiry.


Going forward our expert Canada spouse visa consultants in Chandigarh would provide complete information on the same.



Spouse Visa for Canada from India 2021


In case your partner is currently enrolled as a student in one of the Canada study program you can certainly apply for Spouse Visa for Canada from India 2021. Your Canada spouse visa consultants in Chandigarh would certainly provide you with complete information on the same. With a Spouse Visa for Canada you would be getting certain benefits which include you can work for the duration of the time your husband/wife/partner is enrolled as a student. This permit is called ‘open work permit’. With this you can assist your partner financially while they are studying. For this one would need to complete certain Spouse visa requirements.


Requirements for Spouse Visa Canada from India 2021


Following are the spouse visa requirements for Canada:

  1. Your husband/wife/partner should be having a Canada study permit and enrolled in a course currently.
  2. Your husband/wife/partner should be enrolled in a designated learning institute in Canada.
  3. You need to show relationship proof documents showing genuine relationships.
  4. Further, your visa officer would like to know that you have clear intent of living with your partner.
  5. Only marriage certificate is not enough. So ensure you have additional documents to verify your relation. Like- public recognisation of marriage like photographs, marriage invitation; living together proofs- utility bills in name of the partner, joint bank accounts, and copies of government issues IDs.
  6. Your Financial Stability is another factor so ensure you have documents verifying the same.



Cost of Spouse Visa for Canada from India 2021


Following are the costs for Spouse Visa for Canada from India is sponsorship fee of $75 and principal applicant processing fee of $475. In case you have a dependent child then processing fee of $150 is required for each child. Consult your Canada spouse visa consultant in Chandigarh to get complete information and ask for any answers to your additional queries related to filling of spouse visa application.


Processing Time for Spouse Visa Canada from India 2021

The processing time for a successful application assessed completely would take 1-2 months approximately.


Benefits of Spouse Visa Canada from India 2021


Firstly, you can work in Canada. Your open work permit or spouse visa for Canada is for the same duration of your partner’s time of study duration. Example if your husband/wife/partner is enrolled for a 3 year study program you get spouse visa for the same time. Moreover, working in Canada can get you global exposure and benefit of adding the work experience on your resume can bring more opportunities.




Best Time to Apply for Spouse Visa  Canada from India 2021


The best time to apply for Spouse visa for Canada from India according to your Canada spouse visa consultant in Chandigarh is the same time your partner is applying for their study permit application. This can save time and money and can provide you faster processing time. You can also apply later if your partner is already studying in Canada.



Steps to Apply for Spouse Visa Canada from India 2021


Following are the steps for Spouse Visa for Canada from India:

  1. Get eligibility assessment for Canada spouse visa and meet the requirements.
  2. Collect evidence and document for the application. In case your documents are in any other language you need to submit English translations.
  3. You need to meet health and character requirements.
  4. Apply for the right spouse visa category with assistance of your consultant.



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