How to Sponsor your wife/husband to Canada as an International Student?


Canada is one of the most lucrative and sought after destinations among students who are planning to apply for study abroad programs. The benefits for the primary applicant-student are numerous. Beginning with the numerous courses and the scholarships available to students to choose from and undoubtedly the quality of education has no holding back. The most reputed and top-ranking universities and colleges on QS ranking are situated in Canada. The faculty and research opportunities are diverse and constantly on the hunt to find the right research scholars. Canadian immigration policies on the other hand are welcoming and not only do they accept the primary applicant but are welcoming towards keeping the family intact. The one common question among applicants planning to apply as an International student is whether they can sponsor their wife or husband to Canada as an International student?


How to sponsor your wife/husband for Canada as an International Student?


  1. To sponsor your wife/husband to Canada as an international student you can assist your spouse under Canada Open work permit which is beneficial for international students who are planning to study in Canada and have their partner by their side.
  2. Whether you are in Canada on a student visa or work visa your partner can apply for Canada open work permit as dependent spouse.
  3. The checklist is quite simple and applying under best Canada immigration consultants can be beneficial as you could easily fulfill the documentation in no time and be next to your partner.
  4. Your spouse does not need to have a job offer from Canada to apply for Canada open work permit.
  5. The general requirement includes the fact that your hold proofs of your marriage to justify sponsoring your wife/husband to Canada as an international student.


What are the documents required to sponsor my partner?




  1. To sponsor your husband/wife you must be enrolled in a DLI or designated learning institute
  2. Apart from this, you must hold a document/evidence that your marriage can be verifiable.
  3. Having a marriage certificate would not be enough and therefore you should have documents such as public recognization of marriage like photographs, marriage invitation; living together proofs- utility bills in name of the partner, joint bank accounts, and copies of government issues IDs.
  4. Bona fide documents of applicant– These include the partner applying for sponsorship should meet the requirement of the program. Should possess relationship proves, Documents suggesting that he/she is well established and can support his stay (financial funds) and has a clear intention of being with his partner.



Other than this, there are various details that need to be kept in mind while planning to apply for a Canada partner visa/Dependent visa under the open work permit. Your best guide is your Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh.

Your counselor is expert and updated on the latest developments for immigration programs and policies and is equipped to provide you the best guidance for your Canada partner visa with years of expertise in hand.


What is the cost of sponsoring your partner for Canada?



The cost of sponsoring your spouse for Canada immigration is CAD $1050. This would also include the immigration fee CAD $75.



How much time does it take to sponsor a partner to Canada?



The processing time is roughly one month from the date you submit your Canada open work visa application.



Is there an interview requirement for sponsoring the partner to Canada?



Usually, immigration interviews are rare. In case the spousal immigration documents lack documental proofs then interview discretion is in the hands of the immigration officer.



Can the sponsorship be refused at any point?



In case you do not provide ample documentation to justify the status of your relationship or cannot fulfill the complete requirements of the program then the sponsorship may be refused.


Can my spouse work after coming to Canada?



If you are enrolled in a full-time program at a designated learning institute presently then you could support the work permit for a spouse in the open work permit category.


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