Student friendly visa changes for Study in Australia

Australia has come up with good news for international students aspiring to Study in Australia. Recently the Government has announced some changes to Australia Student visa program to facilitate students during COVID 19 pandemic.
Below are the highlights of these changes

  • Australia Study Visa processing to start in locations outside Australia
    The first update is that the government will start processing Australia Student visa in all locations outside of Australia. This is of great benefit to Study in Australia aspirants as when the borders would reopen the applicants holding Australia student visa would be able to travel as they would be having Study visa for Australia.

  • Free extension of student visas
    Another big attraction for study in Australia aspirants is the second change according to which if the students are not able to complete their course with the visa they already have due to COVID 19 they can apply for visa extension free of cost. International students need not pay any visa charges for this extension.

  • Post Study Work visa for online study outside Australia
    Post study work visa has always been a big motivation for students applying for Australia student visa. There was confusion among the students prior to these changes. As per the new updates the if students while holding a valid Australia study visa do their study online outside Australia will be eligible to apply for Post Study Work visa PWS visa. This clarity about Post Study work visa for Australia is a big benefit for students.

  • Apply Post Study work visa while outside Australia
    The students who have completed their Australian qualification while holding valid Australia study visa  and are not able to return to Australia due to travel restrictions will be eligible to apply for PSW visa while outside of Australia.

  • Extra time to provide English Language results
    Due to the closure of English language testing providers the students were not able to provide their language results which are important part of the visa application. As per the changes the applicants would get extra time for this.
    These changes are a big attraction for international students and assure international students of the friendly visa policy.