Study in Australia after 12th medical

Australia is one of the most popular study destination among international student. It has history of international students who have happily and satisfactorily completed their education in Australia and have also settled in Australia.

Choosing the right course is one of the very important factors on which the success of your Australia student visa depends so the applicants must choose a course which is a relevant and the logical progression of their past academic studies and any work experience they may hold. To apply for Australia study Visa you can contact an experienced an expert study in Australia counsellor about the different course options available and the students can choose a course suiting their background as well as their budget .West highlander based in Sector 34 Chandigarh has been counselling students for Australia study Visa since their Inception in 2005 and have till date send thousands of students who have happily pursued their dreams of study in Australia and settled there.

Student who has done his0 12th in medical subjects can choose from various courses as below

Bachelors in Business Administration

Bachelors in information technology

Bachelors in hotel Management

Bachelors in science

Bachelors in psychology

Bachelors in nursing

These are various options for students who have done their 10 + 2 in medical for their study in Australia. For more information about your Australia student visa you can contact a Mara agent at west highlander. They have been helping students for their study in Australia since last many years and have experience and expertise to guide you about the relevant courses and the university Suiting your budget.

These are the streams in which the students can do their bachelors in Australia. Students have the option to do a bachelors program or a diploma programs fall under vocational education training sector and the bachelor’s degree come under higher education. To avail the post study work visa after successful completion of a study in Australia it is highly recommended that the students opt for a bachelor’s degree program as the PSW visa after study for Bachelor’s Degree program is more as compared to the Diploma programs. Currently the post study work visa for a Diploma program is of 18 months and for Bachelor’s Degree it is of 2 years.

The visa further may be extended depending on the location of your University.If you lived and studied in a category 2 in Australia then as per the policy you may qualify for a post study work visa of 2 years and as University is under category 2 region in Australia that is you have studied and lived in a category 2 area and completed your bachelors program from there then you get an additional second post study work visa of up to one year. This makes the duration of your psw visa of up to 3 years which is a big attraction among international students. For university is in a category 3 area you may qualify for an additional second post study work visa after two years after completing your studies while on Australia study Visa. This makes duration of the post study work visa after completing your bachelors in Australia for up to 4 years which is a big advantage for international students

During this period the students can gain Australian work experience and they may qualify to permanently settle in Australia under various subclasses. To name a few  under which the students may apply for their Australia PR after study are visa subclass 189 visa subclass 190 visa subclass 491.There are many other streams under which the applicants may qualify.

Once you have selected your course and shortlisted the university you wish to study in you need to send a complete application admission package to your choice of University. Once they get their condition of a place students need to clear the GTE requirements GTE is a genuine temporary entrant requirement which is one of the very important factors on which the success of your Australia study Visa largely depends.

Students need to prove the case officer that their intention to visit Australia is only to study and for this the student must write a well-researched statement of purpose. In the statement of purpose they must mention about
why they have chosen Australia as a study destination

what research have they done about Australia

what are the other countries they researched  about and the reasons of choosing Australia over other countries

which are the universities in Australia they researched about and
why did the particularly choose this university

why they have chosen this particular course for their further  study in Australia

what are the career outcomes they expect to have once they successfully complete the studies

These are a few of the points that applicants must mention in the GTE statement