Study in Canada under SDS, learn if college or DLI have effect on your application

Canada is one of the favourite study abroad destinations among international students. Because of its friendly policies Study in Canada is in huge demand among international students.

One of the biggest attractions of Canada study visa is its SDS scheme.
What is SDS scheme for Study in Canada?

Student Direct Scheme popularly known as SDS scheme is a policy under which the students aspiring to study in Canada can benefit from the faster processing time of the Canada study visa application.
What are the other benefits of applying under SDS scheme for Canada student visa?

Other than availing the faster visa processing for Study in Canada there are other benefits

  • Increased chances of Canada student visa
  • Less documentation
  • No requirement to show bank statements to prove your financial eligibility o
  • Choose to study in any institution and location of your choice
    What are the requirements to apply Canada student visa under SDS scheme

    As explained above applying under this scheme makes your Canada student visa file stronger and increases your chances of Study in Canada
    For your visa application to be considered under SDS scheme you must fulfil the following

  • IELTS band score of 6 in each of the four modules
  • Fee receipt of tuition for one year
  • GIC -Guaranteed Investment Certificate of Canadian dollars 10000
  • Upfront Medical certificate
    So the documentation is quite simple.  Less documentation and increased visa chances is the biggest attraction of applying Canada student visa under SDS.
    I have paid 6 months of fees and have got 6 in each of the four modules of IELTS. How can I apply under SDS?

    As explained above one of the requirements to be considered under SDS is full year tuition fee payment. No doubt you have got 6 in all of four modules of IELTS but if you apply with only 6 months tuition fee payment your application will be under non SDS category.
    What is non SDS category for Canada study visa?

    If you do not complete any of the above requirements your Canada study visa application falls under non SDS, as for example

  • You have only paid 6 months fees
  • You have paid one year tuition fee but have not purchased GIC Certificate
  • You have paid one year tuition fee and have GIC certificate of 10000 dollars but do not have 6 bands in all of the four modules of IELTS
    What are the college that come under SDS?

    There is no such specific list of SDS colleges. SDS is related your English language ability, tuition fee payment, GIC certificate and upfront medical. You can choose to apply under any college having DLI. The college must be under DLI list.
    What is DLI?

    DLI stands for Designated Learning intuition. A designated leaning institution – DLI is a college approved by the government to recruit international students.