Study in Canada- What is letter of introduction in Student Direct Stream (SDS)?

If you are an aspiring student wanting to Study in Canada under Student Direct Stream –SDS scheme from India you may apply for Student Direct Stream online or on paper.

Streamlined Study Process

The Student Direct Stream provides a streamlined study application process for students with strong English or French language abilities

  • A valid IELTS test result (issued within the last two years) showing an overall band of 6.0

with no individual band lower than 6.0


  • TEF test (issued within the last two years) result with a minimum score that is at least

Equivalent to NCLC 7 for each ability

Applying online

CIC strongly recommends that students apply online for Student Direct Stream- a streamlined application process with a faster processing time of 45 days or less.

Please make sure that you submit the complete application to avoid any delays. Complete applications are reviewed right away thus saving your precious time.

 Approval of Application under SDS Scheme

On approval of your application under Student Direct Scheme CIC will send you a letter of Introduction. Please keep in mind that the letter of Introduction is not your study Permit.

Letter of Introduction

Letter of Introduction is also called POE Letter- Port of Entry Letter. This is a very important document. Applicants must produce this letter at the port of Entry when you arrive in Canada. Based on this Introduction Letter you get your study permit to Canada at the port of Entry. Your study permit is valid for until the end of your course

Entering Canada on Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa)

Letter of Introduction is not you’re your student visa and thus you cannot enter Canada on letter of Introduction. Along with your letter of Introduction you will be getting a visitor visa based on which you may enter Canada, show your letter of Introduction at the port of Entry and get your study permit at POE. Please make sure to enter Canada before this visitor visa expires

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