New Zealand student visa acceptable financial sponsors

If you are a student aspiring to study in New Zealand then it is of utmost importance that you prepare your financial documents carefully. As per the new student visa checklist released by Immigration New Zealand- INZ in October 2019 if you are an applicant from India then the funds to support your student visa application to New Zealand must be held in your name or your financial guarantor’s name.

Your financial guarantors are

  • Your parents
  • Your grandparents( both maternal and paternal )
  • Your siblings

In addition to above if you are married then your financial guarantors also include

  • Your spouse
  • Your parents in law

Other than the above relations nobody else is an acceptable sponsor for your study in New Zealand application.

You need to submit acceptable financials documents held in their name to INZ.

Below are couple of questions which would further elaborate about who can be your financial guarantor in your New Zealand student visa application.

Question 1

I live in a joint family with my parents, brother and my brother’s wife. My brother’s wife has a saving in her name. Can she be my financial guarantor for my Study in New Zealand?


No she cannot sponsor you as she is not in your blood relation. Only siblings can sponsor you. If the funds are held in your brother’s name then he can be your sponsor for your New Zealand student visa.

Question 2

My sister who is married has got 1 year old savings. This is a joint account with her husband- my brother in-law. Ca these funds be used to sponsor my Study in New Zealand?


Your sister is an acceptable sponsor but the funds are jointly in name along with her spouse who is not in your blood relation. So you may not use these funds to support your Study in New Zealand visa application.

So as it is very clear from the above that the success of your New Zealand student visa application also depends largely on who is sponsoring you and what kind of funds are available. A student may have funds but they may not be in an acceptable format. So it becomes utmost important that you choose a study visa Consultant who has got years of experience in handling student visas so that he may guide you as per the requirements of the visa. West Highlander located in sector 34 A is the best study in New Zealand agent having 14 years of experience. The key personnel of the company are a licensed Immigration adviser licensed by Immigration Advisers Authority New Zealand.

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